President’s Scholar Awards

President’s Scholar Award in Research
President’s Scholar Award in Teaching
President’s Scholar Award in Clinical Service

Eligibility and General Criteria: 

Criteria for Selection
The President’s Scholar Awards are unique University-wide awards designed to recognize faculty with demonstrated contributions in teaching, research, and clinical activity, throughout their careers at UTHealth. Nominees and recipients are those widely recognized by peers and students for outstanding achievements in teaching, research, and clinical activity. Evidence of such recognition includes, but is not limited to:

 President's Scholar Award for Teaching

 President's Scholar Award for Research

President's Scholar Award for Clinical Service

Nomination Process
Nominations for the awards may be made by deans, chairs, faculty members, and students. There is no limit on the number of nominations that may be submitted. Nominations and supporting materials should be submitted electronically to the UTHealth Office of Faculty Affairs and Development at

The nomination packet should contain a detailed statement from the nominator of the nature, quality, and importance of the accomplishments, along with the following materials:

 Nominations and supporting documentation are due to the UTHealth Office of Faculty Affairs
 and Development no later than December 1, 2020.

Selection Process
The President’s Scholar Awards Selection Committee (“Committee”) includes the Associate Vice President for UTHealth Faculty Affairs and Development, select past President’s Scholar Award recipients, and may include a representative appointed by the Dean of each UTHealth School.  The Committee is tasked with reviewing and recommending the recipients of the three awards to the President of UTHealth. The President makes the final determination and the UTHealth Office of Faculty Affairs and Development will notify the awardees.

Award Guidelines:
In addition to recommending awardees to the President, the Committee is charged with ongoing review of procedures and standards to regulate all areas of the selection process and recommending any changes to the President. Amendments to these guidelines should be recommended by the Committee to the President for a final decision.

Nature of Award:
President’s Scholar Award recipients will receive a $5,000 prize.

In addition to the monetary award, the recipients will also receive an appropriate commemorative plaque. The President of UTHealth or his/her representative will make the announcement and presentation of the award at an annual event. The President will also bestow the continuing honorary title of “President’s Scholar” to the award recipients at that time.