Without Salary Appointments

Without Salary (WOS) appointments (employee cross appointments and non-employee appointments) designate faculty appointments of individuals who participate in UTHealth teaching programs on a volunteer basis without remuneration (see HOOP Policy 189).The Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer (EVPCAO) oversees this process at the institutional level.

Annual Compliance Training for All WOS Appointments Required.

As of June 2014, HOOP 15, Orientation, now requires that all faculty and fellows (whether paid or unpaid) receive orientation compliance training. This training must be completed annually and is a condition of holding a WOS appointment at UTHealth. Compliance training can be accessed on the Annual WOS Compliance Training Page.

New WOS Appointments:

Cross Appointments and Non-Employee WOS appointments

  1. Department Chair or equivalent submits the following forms to the respective dean for appointment approval at the school level; alternatively, this process can be initiated immediately out of the Dean’s Office:
    1. WOS Criminal Background Check (CBC) required prior to approvals:
      1. For employees that have primary appointment(s) in UTHealth (employee cross appointments); CBC completed through primary school appointment. 
      2. For employees that have a primary appointment(s) at other UT System components, use the WOS Criminal Background Check Verification Form to confirm CBC completion by home institution.
      3. For individuals that do not have primary appointments at UT System institutions, please follow the current CBC process established by UTHealth Human Resources.
    2. Without Salary/Without Tenure Appointment Request Form -  NOTE: The McGovern Medical School (MMS) WOS Form + Criteria Form and Process is located on the school’s Office of Faculty Affairs webpage.
    3. Biographical datasheet and/or curriculum vitae (to be retained in school)
    4. Without Salary Appointment Criteria Form Letter
  2. Each school will submit their completed Without Salary/Without Tenure Appointment Request Form(s) signed by the Dean with attached documentation listed above (1b and 1d) to the EVPCAO;
  3. The approval of appointments through the EVPCAO will run through the fiscal year. Appointment runs will be on 9/1, 12/1, and 4/1 of the fiscal year. The 9/1 run will be the annual University re-appointment run for all WOS appointments, with the other noted runs for the newly added or change in status WOS appointments for that period.
  4. The EVPCAO will prepare an institutional appointment letter to be mailed directly to the WOS faculty member.
  5. The Annual WOS Compliance Orientation Training is mandatory to hold a WOS appointment at UTHealth. The WOS faculty member will have 30 days from receiving the appointment letter with the notice of compliance training to complete the training. The Office of Institutional Compliance will notify the WOS administrators at each school of any WOS faculty out of compliance.  Each school's WOS administrators will be responsible for taking the appropriate action with the faculty member.

    The institutional appointment letter requests the faculty to sign in acceptance of the appointment, complete the Annual WOS Compliance Training, and then return the signed letter to the Office of the EVPCAO as directed. If the faculty do not sign the letter within the specified return date, then the appointment is considered void. Cancellation of Appointment Form Letter is provided for use by WOS administrators.  

Without Salary Annual Appointment Renewal:

Cross Appointments and Non-Employee WOS appointments

The departments holding WOS appointments (whether cross appointments or non-employee appointments) will use the New/Renewal Without Salary Appointment Criteria Form Letter in evaluating and continuation of the appointment of WOS faculty.

Employee Cross Appointment evaluations should take place during the annual institutional budget period since these should be recorded in the budget through departmental entry in HRMS. All other WOS appointments should be evaluated prior to August in preparation of the annual 9/1 appointment process.

  1. Department Chair or equivalent evaluates departmental WOS faculty requiring completion of Without Salary Appointment Criteria Form Letter.
  2. WOS Forms to be completed for 9/1 reappointments only:
    1. Deletion of appointment for next year.
    2. Address or title changes to current appointment.
    3. New appointments effective 9/1 with required documentation (see 1b and 1d)
  3. WOS Forms, once approved by Dean, are submitted to the EVPCAO by August 15th for the 9/1 appointment process.