• Model of care which utilizes interprofessional teams and adult daycare center to promote older adults “aging in place” within their communities.
  • Utilizes Medicare and Medicaid funding
  • Capitated program which is fully responsible for meeting the healthcare needs of its enrollees.
  • There are four basic requirements for enrollment
    • Aged 55 years and older
    • Certified by the state of residence as requiring nursing home level of care
    • Live in a safe home environment
    • Live in an area that is serviceable by a PACE Program
  • Enrollees must:
    • Agree to an interprofessional plan of care
    • Change their primary care provider to a PACE physician
  • Benefits include:
    • Lower hospitalization rates in PACE enrollees
    • Lower readmission frequency
    • Lower emergency room visits
    • Better health management outcomes and less hospital use
  • Interprofessional Team Based Approach at the PACE Programs
    • Team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, dieticians, recreational therapists and others
    • Work together to develop and individualized comprehensive plan of care for each enrollee
    • The team focuses on preventive, primary, acute, rehabilitation and long-term care needs of each enrollee.
  • Adult Daycare Center Approach at the PACE Programs
    • Enrollees are expected to attend the center at least once per month for a clinical examination and check-up.
    • Enrollees are encouraged to come more often and participate in socializing with other enrollees, recreational activities, meals and clinical care.
    • Transportation is provided to and from the program
  • Electronic Resources


PACE Program Handout