Process for Recruitment of Subjects for Clinical Research

  1. The Investigator sends the IRB-approved application and the approval letter to the Administrative Director of the Consortium on Aging.

    Note: UTHealth, MHH (Memorial Hermann Health System), and HHS (Harris Health System) rely on the UTHealth Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS) for all IRB approval. When the Investigator applies for CPHS review, they complete the MHH form and choose all MHH institutions from which they intend to recruit subjects.

  2. The Executive Committee of the Consortium on Aging screens the study to assure it is in alignment with the mission of the Consortium.
  3. If approved, the investigator will meet with the coordinator of each clinic from which subjects are to be recruited to specify the procedures.
  4. When procedures have been satisfactorily established, the investigator will develop a brief description of the study and send to the Administrative Director who will inform the faculty contacts.
  5. The Investigator must obtain approval from the faculty clinicians before they approach their patients.