COVID-19 Preparedness - Laboratory Research

7:25 pm, March 22, 2020 Update

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, UTHealth remains committed to maintaining the integrity of our research mission while taking the necessary measures to protect our people. We are monitoring state and federal COVID-19 response recommendations and remain in frequent communication with city and county officials. Based on these guidelines, and following conversations with research leaders from across the university, we now ask all investigators to scale back research activity, prioritizing what they define as critical and essential experiments. Please begin to implement the following directives effective Monday, March 23, with the intent of having changes in place by Wednesday, March 25

Workforce: Our highest priority is to ensure the safety of our workforce and provide accommodations for those faculty and staff members most at risk.

Animal Research: Changes are unfolding daily, and preparation is key to weathering the next several weeks. We request that our animal investigators strengthen their preparations for downscaling research to allow for the best allocation of support resources during this time. Toward that end, please review the information below and begin to implement these directives on Monday, March 23. Please have plans in place no later than Wednesday, March 25:

Animal Welfare Committee (AWC)

Biological Materials

General Activities

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

 Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)



The university will closely monitor the implementation of these directives beginning Monday, March 23.

Please continue to check the COVID-19 website and your emails for additional guidance