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Cancer and Artificial Intelligence Research

Predoctoral Fellowship Training Program

ANNOUNCEMENT: Call for CPRIT BIG-TCR Predoctoral Fellowship Applications in Cancer Research

The 2023 application cycle of CPRIT-funded Predoctoral Fellowship is currently open. Applications will be accepted through 11: 59pm CST, Monday, October 9, 2023. The selected candidates will be notified for interview by October 13, 2023.

Predoctoral Training Program:

The UTHealth Houston BIG-TCR Training Program will support up to five BIG-TCR predoctoral fellows per year. Each trainee will be supervised by two mentors, with one mentor specialized in the biomedical informatics and genomics (BIG) area, while the other mentor in translational or basic cancer research (TCR). The fellowship will cover graduate student tuition, stipends, fringe benefits, and provide a modest travel allowance. BIG-TCR predoctoral fellows will be appointed for one year with the possibility of renewal for up to two years, dependent upon their successful academic and research progress, participation in activities related to the BIG-TCR Training Program (e.g., enhancement activities, annual CPRIT retreat, journal club meetings), and competition among new applicants.


    To meet the interdisciplinary competency requirements of the BIG-TCR training program, applicant supervised by current primary mentor must find another mentor from their complementary side (for example, trainees in the TCR area needs to find a co-mentor in the BIG area, and vice versa). UTHealth Houston tenured/tenure-track faculty members who have secured external funding are eligible to be the primary mentor and will be reviewed by the BIG-TCR Executive Committee regarding their funding support, previous mentorship experience, and prior and current efforts in cancer research. Both mentors must be UTHealth Houston regular faculty because this is an UTHealth Houston internal program. Only GSBS regular faculty from UTHealth Houston is eligible to be mentor/co-mentor.

    Applicants should be enrolled as full-time in one of the six UTHealth Houston schools;

    Primary mentorship application is limited to one per faculty for each funding announcement cycle. Faculty can be co-mentors for more than one trainee. Predoctoral fellows will discuss with their two mentors to propose a cancer research project relevant to both BIG and TCR components, and be supervised by both mentors along the way until the project completes. Co-mentor needs to be UTHealth Houston faculty.


    Affiliated fellowships available for predocs with salary/stipend support from UTHealth employment: All benefits listed above except stipend support and health insurance.


    Materials by Applicant

    Applicants are required to submit their

    • predoctoral fellowship application form, including applicant’s information;
    • one-page personal statement that discuss your short-term and long-term career goals, your interest in cancer research and your intention to enroll in the courses required by the competency-based BIG-TCR Predoctoral Training Program, which includes the responsible conduct of research, research proposal writing, workshop, core lab rotation, and the BIG-TCR annual retreat;
    • two-page research statement includes research title, abstract, specific aims, background and significance, study design and methods, impact and relevance to both the BIG and TCR area, and expected outcomes;
    • one-page training plan that describes which competency-based training courses will be part of the fellowship, and how mentors will supervise the trainee. This may include course work, presentation & writing training, computational training workshop, as well as laboratory trainings;
    • applicant’s curriculum vitae (list essential educational and academic records);
    • copies of academic transcripts (transcripts from Undergraduate and Graduate School are required, others are optional);
    • applicant’s attestation;

    Materials by Mentor and Co-Mentor:

    • two Mentors’ biosketch (NIH format, no more than 5 pages for each mentor), which needs to be submitted by applicant along with other materials.
    • Sign mentorship agreement in the application form, which needs to be submitted by applicant.
    • recommendation letters from both primary mentor and co-mentor are required.
    • Please send the recommendation letter to with the subject line as "BIG-TCR Predoctoral Mentor/Co-mentor Recommendation Letter for #the name of applicant”.

    External recommendation letter:

    • One letter of recommendation from an external supporter is required in support of the BIG-TCR Predoctoral fellowship applicant. Recommendation letters should be sent in PDF format from the referee's institutional email address to BIG-TCR’s official email address with the subject line as “BIG-TCR Predoctoral Fellowship Application: Recommendation letter for #the name of applicant”. Please fill the same reference contact in the application form..