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How to Contribute

Please email the Biobank Program Manager to begin a discussion regarding your interest in collaborating with the CCTS Biobank.

  • All diseases and sample types are welcome
  • Samples and data must be consented for sharing

Sample inventory and data reside with the contributing principal investigators. Final approval for collaboration with or release to qualified researchers is given to the contributing investigator and research steering committee, if one exists.


How to Contribute
  • Samples and data must be consented for sharing; patient consent declarations have been captured electronically (some assistance available to help with this as needed)
  • Specimen sharing is recommended to be limited to the smallest amount of sample(s) that will sufficiently answer a research question
  • No specimens will be shared with a third party without prior written permission from the contributing investigator
  • Contribution of a minimum data set to bring value to research projects; please contact us to begin a discussion regarding your study variables
  • Approved recipient researchers will receive de-identified samples and data, and will agree not to attempt to re-identify patients
  • Specimen and data use should be consistent with the uses described in the original donor consent form; any additional use of materials and data requires prior review by the IRB
  • Specimens will not be released to any investigators unless that investigator has received IRB approval for the specimen use, and approval from the sample owner and research steering committee, if one exists
  • The researcher/institution using the samples assumes responsibility for all risks associated with the receipt, handling, storage, and use of samples
  • Material Transfer Agreements and Data Use Agreements will be conducted between the contributing PI/sample owner and the approved recipient researcher