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Introduction of CCTS Biobank

Dr. Eric Boerwinkle and Dr. Jennifer Sanner from UTHSC at Houston introduce CCTS Biobank. They give a brief description of the history of the Biobank, as well as its uses and benefits.


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“Banking on Breakthroughs” Article

UTHealth leaders are developing a system that would boost scientific discoveries through the CCTS Biobank. The ability of the biobank to connect researchers to thousands of samples and related data is making possible genetic research that will impact the health of the nation.


Biobank and Centers Model Collaboration-Enable work of young researchers, CARING Minds annual publication of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Nursing, (2011) 

Author: Bates, D., J. Sanner cover picture and article contribution.


Research Utilizing Biobank 

The following video shows Biobank’s research on genetics and depression. There is an increasing importance of biobanks to the work of scientists who depend on large numbers of biological samples and data to answer research questions. The CCTS Biobank consists of more than 200,000 human biological samples – including plasma, serum, DNA, buffy coat, urine and saliva.


The online search application (SLED) for the UTHealth CCTS Biobank that launched this winter has been highlighted by the UTHealth Office of Public of Affairs! 

UTHealth CCTS Biobank continues to innovate allocation of resources for researchers and technicians