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Procurement Services

BuyCard Program

BuyCard Use

The UTHealth BuyCard provides faculty & staff with an alternate method to pay for purchases of goods and services that are not available through other purchasing methods such as the eProcurement catalog. The university uses a MasterCard from Citibank. After approval of the BuyCard Account Application, the card will be issued and the cardholder will receive instructions for its use and the charge limits that are assigned to the account.

The card can be used to make purchases from any supplier who has an active vendor code within FMS. It is the cardholder's responsibility to make sure that the transaction is with an approved vendor. The card can be used at a supplier's place of business, over the telephone or on a web site. The cardholder should exercise appropriate measures to assure that the card and account number are not lost or otherwise compromised.

 * NEW *

Compliance Monitoring (IDEA data analysis software) Internal Controls Reporting for BuyCard

The new "Internal Controls Reporting for Buycard" includes the IDEA data analysis software whereby the data comes from Citibank with multiple data sets.  The compliance monitoring software allows the Buycard team to identify relationships, patterns and anomalies as well as increase efficiency and effectiveness on Buycard program daily operations.  -Daily monitoring activities include but are not limited to:

Buy-Card for Conference Registrations

Guidelines to making Purchases from Unapproved Vendors

Before procuring items from online vendors, verify that the vendor is currently approved in the FMS database.  If the vendor is unapproved and not in FMS, then please contact the vendor file team at 713-500-4700 or email Please be aware that continued utilization of an unapproved vendor without prior notification to the BuyCard team is a violation of Procurement Services payment policies.

Restricted Items

Non-radioactive Materials: 

The BuyCard can be used for purchase of all non-radioactive laboratory chemicals. In order to assure compliance please take these steps:

Requisition Entry:

All BuyCard transactions must be entered as a Point of Sale (POS) requisition in the eProcurement module of PeopleSoft. The State of Texas mandates that all orders placed on any BuyCard be entered immediately. Entry of the requisition will pre-encumber the funds. Once the requisition is approved a purchase order will be created which will encumber the funds to cover this transaction. Entry of the requisition must be a complete and accurate description of each item purchased.


The cardholder will be notified via email of an on-line statement of charges for reconciliation. Files are loaded from the bank on a daily basis. All statements should be reconciled within three days of receiving this notification. On the 15th day of each month, all outstanding charges that have not been reconciled by the cardholder will be automatically reconciled to the cardholder's default account.

If you need help with this process please refer to the "Managing Encumbrances" training material or contact the BuyCard Team.

PeopleSoft has functionality that allows the cardholder to delegate another individual to "Act as a Proxy" for the purpose of entering requisitions and reconciliation of the online statements. After the cardholder makes a purchase, the receipts (and any other supporting documentation) should be given immediately to the delegated individual for POS requisition entry. This feature is especially useful for cardholders who are physicians, researchers and other non-administrative personnel. However, it remains the cardholder's responsibility to assure that requisition entry and statement reconciliation is taking place properly.

Compliance Monitoring:

The BuyCard Team monitors bank statements on a daily basis and cardholder activity on a routine basis to assure compliance with program requirements. The compliance reviews monitor for restricted charges, splitting of charges over $2,000, lack of requisition entry, missing receipts/statements, and improper statement reconciliation.

A cardholder who is out of compliance will be notified by the BuyCard Team and is subject to probation, suspension or revocation of their cardholder privileges. Accounts that have been placed on probation and are subject to possible suspension or revocation are reviewed periodically to assure that issues with compliance have been resolved.

Questions regarding compliance probation, suspension or revocation may be directed to Johnathan Lawrence, Compliance Coordinator (713-500-8182) or Lori Hill-Thompson, Program Coordinator (713-500-4715).

Record Keeping:

In an effort to ensure proper card usage, certain supporting documentation for each cardholder is required. A credit card statement will be mailed to each cardholder during the months that they make charges. If no charges are made during a billing cycle, no statement is mailed. The following items should be attached to each Citibank monthly statement.

The above documentation should be maintained in the department. The cardholder and another approving official within the department should sign each statement. Supporting documentation for BuyCard transactions must be maintained by the department for a period of seven years plus the current year.

Card Termination:

If a cardholder has not used the BuyCard for six consecutive billing cycles (months), the card may be revoked at the discretion of the BuyCard Program Coordinator. The cardholder will be contacted in an effort to determine the explanation for non-use of this privilege. Cards that are issued, but not used present a risk of fraud and abuse to The University of Texas health Science Center at Houston.

When a cardholder terminates employment with the university, the department is obligated to reclaim the BuyCard and return it to the BuyCard Program Administrator prior to the employee's termination date.

Cardholder & Department Responsibility


Department Administration:

Each department's chief business officer is responsible for assuring proper administration of all BuyCard issued to employees of that department.

The department's chief business officer is responsible for assuring that a cardholder statements are properly reconciled each month and that charges have been reviewed and signed-off on the statement by a third party.

Report a Stolen Card

The cardholder should notify Citibank immediately if the BuyCard is lost or stolen by calling 1-800-248-4553 / outside of U.S. call collect 904-954-7314. This allows us to minimize and even prevent unauthorized access.

Please have the following information available when you call to cancel your card.

The cardholder should also notify their department's business manager and the BuyCard Program Coordinator. 
Upon notification, the bank will immediately suspend your BuyCard and issue a new card. The new card will be sent to the BuyCard Program coordinator who will make the new card available to the cardholder.

IMPORTANT: You must contact the bank immediately to suspend the card if it is lost or stolen. You are responsible for all charges made on the card until it has been cancelled at Citibank.

Dispute a Transaction

You may dispute any charge that appears on your monthly statement. If there is a charge that is not recognized or appears to be incorrect, you should first contact the supplier and attempt to resolve the issue. If an agreement cannot be reached, simply complete the "Charge Dispute Form" and fax it to the BuyCard Team at 713-500-4710. Keep copy of the "Citibank Dispute Form" with applicable bank statement. A charge may be disputed up to 60 days from the bank billing date.

Documentation of the dispute should also go to the department's business manager and a copy should be maintained with the credit card statement.

Please remember, Procurement Services is your partner in helping you manage your credit card and is available to assist in any dispute resolution.