About Us

microbiologistOur mission at the Center for Antimicrobial Resistance and Microbial Genomics (CARMiG) at UTHealth is to develop a comprehensive research and educational program to study the complex factors that contribute to the development of resistance and create an environment where specific actions can be taken to tackle this important public health problem. We seek to develop research in a variety of areas that involve,

  1. mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance,
  2. epidemiology of antibiotic resistance organisms,
  3. clinical impact of antibiotic resistance,
  4. antibiotic stewardship and
  5. the influence of antibiotic resistance in the environment (including in animals for human consumption).

Primarily, we seek to develop innovative clinical and therapeutic approaches to deal with multi-drug resistant organisms.

CARMiG encompasses researchers across the Texas Medical Center, one of the largest clusters of health care institutions in the world. Coordination of research and educational effort is done through the Gulf Coast Consortia, Cluster of Antimicrobial Resistance. Using genomics, CARMiG seeks to apply state of the art genomic and bioinformatics tools to study antimicrobial-resistant pathogens and track their local and worldwide spread.

CARMiG’s researchers are involved in a diverse portfolio of research programs including, basic bacteriology and molecular genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology, clinical infectious diseases, bioinformatics and epidemiology, among others. This integration of expertise connects scientific discovery to patient care, with patient needs driving research focus.  Additionally, CARMiG has extensive collaborations across the US and international sites in Latin America.