Robert Bonomo, MD

Robert Bonomo, MD

Professor, Department of Medicine, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine
Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Case Western Reserve
Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Case Western Reserve


Among the major problems faced in medicine, resistance to antibiotics is regarded as a singular challenge. The primary focus of our laboratory is to understand the genetic and amino acid sequence determinants of the enzymes that inactivate ß-lactams, the ß-lactamases. Our current work is directed at solving three main problems:

  • how ß-lactamase inhibitors inactivate -lactamases;
  • how ß-lactamases hydrolyze advanced generation cephalosporins; and
  • how mutations impact upon ß-lactamase expression. We are also interested in how penicillin interacts with penicillin resistant PBPs and the molecular epidemiology of extended spectrum ß-lactamases (ESBLs).

Education & Training

  • B.A.
    Hamilton College
  • M.D.
    Case Western Reserve University
  • Residency
    Internal Medicine, University Hospitals of Cleveland
  • Fellowship
    Infectious Diseases, University Hospitals of Cleveland