Julian Hurdle, PhD

Julian Hurdle, PhD

Associate Professor, Center for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases, Institute of Biosciences and Technology at Texas A&M University


Dr. Hurdle’s research centers around three themes: (1) how Clostridium difficile evolves resistance to front-line antibiotics and the clinical impact of resistance on treatment outcomes; (2) discovering of novel therapeutic concepts for antibiotic-resistant infections; and (3) applying chemical genetic strategies to understand C. difficile pathogenic mechanisms. Our research environment is therefore multi-disciplinary: ranging from use of phenotypic and enzyme-based high-throughput screening of chemical libraries to discover molecular probes and drug lead candidates; elucidating biological targets and action of candidate compounds using genomics, chemical genetics and molecular biology; and use of animal models of infection to answer questions, in vivo. Our newly initiated, extramurally funded research across each theme is transformative. We collaborate closely with medicinal chemists, structural biologists, genomicists and clinical scientists to achieve our goal of translating discoveries that impact human health.

Education & Training

  • B.S.
    Biology and Chemistry, University of West Indies, Barbados
  • Ph.D.
    Molecular Microbiology, University of Leeds, UK
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship
    University of Tennessee HSC