CCTS Organization and Administration

Organization of the CCTS

The CCTS has elements in all six UTHSC-H schools, the UTHSC-H Institute of Molecular Medicine, Memorial Hermann Hospital, and The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.


The CCTS has 12 components

More information on the components is available on the How Can We Help You? page.

At left:

CCTS component directors and staff at the first CCTS Mixer (September 6, 2006), an informal get-together for the entire center.  Right to left:  Dr. Nancy Murray, Community Engagement Component; Dr. Eugene Boisaubin, Ethics Component; Nathalie Sessions, School of Public Health.

Get more information on the Administration Page.


CCTS Administration brief introductions are online for Dr. Arnett, Dr. Okhuysen, Dr. Kurzrock and Dr. Tyson.  To read their briefs and see photographs, please proceed to the Administration page.