Tricia Hill-Thomas 713-500-7923

Biomedical Informatics

Phillip Reeder  713-500-3970

M D Anderson

Jennifer Husmo 713-563-4270
Ron Bouchard  713-794-4930

Community Engagement

Patty Poole 713-500-9318

Pilot and Collaborative Translational & Clinical Studies

Tricia Hill-Thomas 713-500-7923

Design, Biostatistics & Clinical Research


Nati Jolivet 713-500-7907

M D Anderson

Jennifer Husmo 713-563-4270


Denee Velazquez 713-500-7928 

Participant & Clinical Interaction Resources (PCIR or CRC)

MHH Clinical Research Unit (CRU)

Denee Velazquez 713-500-7928 

Brownsville, TX, CRU

Christina Villarreal 956-882-6677

M D Anderson CRU

Monica Wyles 713-563-0359

Regulatory Knowledge & Support

Gena Monroe 713-500-7903
Linda Gilbert  714-500-7922

Research Education Training & Career Development

MS/PhD in Patient-Based Biological Research

Audria Patrick  713-792-2660
Orsolya Garrison 713-745-3805
Leslie Billings 713-794-4020

K12 program and MS in Clinical Research

Michelle Smith 713-500-6708

T32 program

Lisa Wetter 713-500-9874

Translational Technologies & Resources (Cores)

DNA Sequencing and Genotyping Laboratory

Dr. Dongchuan Guo 713-500-6849
Megan Grove-Gaona 713-500-9833

Microarray/Biomarker Core Laboratory

Nancy Shipley 713-500-7458

Proteomics/Biomarker Core Laboratory

Nancy Shipley 713-500-7458

qPCR/Biomarker Core Laboratory

Nancy Shipley 713-500-7458

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core Laboratory

Vipulkumar Patel 713-500-6915

Immune Monitoring Core Laboratory

Himabindu Pappu 713-792-9129
Dr. Luis Vence 713-745-7055

Virtual BioBank

Biobank Program Coordinator 713-500-2047