Translational Technologies and Resources

Genomic, proteomic, microarray, qPCR, MRI, and immune monitoring core laboratories

Director: David Gorenstein, PhD

The CCTS core laboratories are listed below.  See below or click on a core laboratory’s name to get a full description of its services and the names of contact persons at the core.  Investigators who access these cores through the CCTS will receive preferential treatment.  Charges for core laboratory services vary depending on the study and the funding levels of the investigator.  Some funds for core laboratory services are available for new investigators.  


Call the cores for full details. 

Immune Monitoring Core

Co-Directors: Laszlo Radvanyi, PhD; Luis Vence, PhD

Contact persons: Ryan Campbell 713-792-9129; Luis Vence, PhD 713-745-7055

The services of the Immune Monitoring Core include:

  • Assay consultation/planning
  • Assay design
  • Blood processing (PBMC + cryopreservation)
  • Tissue processing
  • Serum processing
  • Sample storage
  • ELISPOT assays (e.g., for IFN-γ, IL-4, Granzyme B).
  • Leukocyte/lymphocyte phenotype analysis with FACS (1-6 color)
  • Intracellular cytokine staining (IFN-γ, TNF-α)
  • HLA tetramer/pentamer staining antigen-specific TCR
  • Cell proliferation assays (MTT, CFSE)
  • Multiplex cytokine assays using Luminex-100 system in target cells as a readout
  • TCR Vβ clonotype analysis
  • TCR gene excision circle (TREC) analysis for circulating naïve T-cells

For more information the Immune Monitoring Core and how to use it, please contact Ryan Campbell 713-792-9129, and Luis Vence, PhD 712-745-7055