Center Equipment

The CeTIR's laboratory spans more than 3,500 square feet, consisting of 14 contiguous rooms in the UTHealth Medical School building. CeTIR's lab is a comprehensive pre-clinical laboratory dedicated to pursing cutting-edge research in trauma. The laboratory is organized to allow for efficient workflow from cell and tissue culture to large and small animal surgeries. Core infrastructure within the laboratory includes hematology, tissue preparation and histology areas, microscopy, molecular biology, flow cytometry, molecular biology and forbe-probe cell or tissue manipulation. Major equipment available in the laboratory includes;

  • NOVA Stat Profile and i-Stat Analyzer: Used to analyze blood gas data
  • Flow center & 2 Gallios flow cytometers: Flow cytometry machines are able to label and count biomarkers to sort cells and develop profiles
  • Nexera SIL-30AC Autosampler and Nexera LC30-AD HPLC Pumps: Used to chromatographically separate samples and obtain spectral profiles from molecular mixtures
  • SPD-20A UV Detector: Assesses samples by wavelength
  • Multiple Thromboelastographs: Gives a clot ability profile on blood samples
  • Beckman Epic Flow center: Flow cytometry machine
  • UV Spectrophotometer: Assess samples by wavelength
  • EMax Microplate Reader: Essential for assessing platelet profiles
  • Thrombin Generation Assay: Analyzes thrombin levels and clot formation
  • Centrifuges: Used to spin and separate samples
  • Luminometer: Assesses luminescence of samples
  • Platelet aggregation profiler: Assesses platelet activity and clot ability
  • ACL TOP Hemostasis System: Profiles blood samples
  • Multiple equipment available for small animal studies (PowerLab 4/30)