James M Cross

James M Cross, MD, FACS

Associate Professor Department of Surgery UTHealth Medical School

Phone: (713) 500-7244 | Email: James.M.Cross@uth.tmc.edu


Canada – born James Cross comes from a medical family – his father was a surgeon. In 1979, during an exodus of surgeons from Canada, the family moved south of the border to Mississippi.

“Since then, I’ve never lived any farther north than Memphis,” says the Ole Miss grad and college football fanatic. “I’ve got a signed Eli Manning football and a signed Archie Manning football.” To round out the collection, he also has signed footballs from Dan Marino and John Elway.

“My father did not want me to go into surgery,” he says. “But, he took me into the operating room for the first time at age nine, and I was scrubbing in at 16. It was inevitable.”

In Cross’ first year at the University of Alabama – Birmingham in 2000, the doctor who did burns quit. “I stepped in, liked it, and my career took off. The surgical procedures themselves are not difficult, but very rewarding.”

Advice? “If you let it, your career will choose you. Come at it with your eyes wide open and explore every available option.”