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The Office of Institutional Compliance

Routing Billing Compliance Correspondence

Routing CMS, CMS Contractor, & Other Correspondence

When a letter, fax or email is received from CMS or a CMS Contractor, it may need to be forwarded to Institutional Compliance, depending on the type of communication. Click here for additional information or feel free to contact the Institutional Compliance Office at 713-500-3294.

Routing Billing Compliance Concerns & Questions

If you believe any unacceptable billing practices have occurred or have any billing compliance concerns, you should discuss the issue with your supervisor.

If you do not feel comfortable discussing the issue with your supervisor, you may contact the Office of Institutional Compliance at 713-500-3294. 

Anonymous reports may also be made to the Compliance Hotline at for English speaking (833-222-0056) or Spanish speaking (800-216-1288).