Committee on the Status of Women


The activities of the CSW are to: 1) Identify opportunities for the advancement of women at UTHealth; 2) Document the status of women by conducting periodic surveys; 3) Send recommendations forward to the university President; 4) Evaluate policies and practices affecting women at UTHealth; and, 5) Coordinate and recommend the selection of the award recipients to the Distinguished Professional Woman Award and the President's Awards for Mentoring Women.

The Awards Subcommittee charge is to assist in the planning of the annual Distinguished Professional Woman Award Reception; to request and review all nominations and to select the recipient for this award. This subcommittee also oversees the process and selection of the President's Award for Mentoring Women at UTHealth, and reviewing and updating all materials regarding the awards on the CSW website.

The Outreach Subcommittee charge is to identify opportunities outside the UTHealth community which the CSW can network and/or align itself in the support of women; and to organize the CSW and the UTHealth community to participate in these efforts. One of the endeavors of this subcommittee is the annual clothes drive for Houston's Dress for Success. Also, in 2012, the subcommittee added the charge of "Supporting Our Own" by organizing a semi-annual clothes drive to benefit the Harris County Psychiatric Center.

The Professional Development Subcommittee charge is to promote professional development in the UTHealth community by exploring opportunities to collaborate with the other CSW subcommittees and other UTHealth organizations and units to identify, communicate and implement seminars, lecture series, brown bag lunches and workshops that are of a benefit to the women constituents at UTHealth. This subcommittee will run status surveys on a periodic basis that will assist the CSW on the current trends and concerns of the UTHealth community while developing activities.