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Successful study recruitment involves development and implementation of a well-coordinated plan that may require the efforts of the entire research team. Once in place, subject recruitment efforts must be constantly assessed, with new strategies implemented as necessary. The study team may use only the recruitment strategies approved by the CPHS for the research study.

Based upon the specific inclusion/exclusion criteria for a study, the study team should establish a suitable recruitment plan. The plan may be as simple as identifying potential participants within the practices of the members of the research team or a multi-pronged comprehensive plan incorporating various methods of direct advertising. The plan should be outlined in the CPHS application.  CPHS must approve the final copy of all advertisements including flyers that will be posted on bulletin boards or used as handouts, and broadcast on radio, television or through other venues (e.g., mass email).

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Please contact Liz Gendel for information about these options, and register for ResearchMatch here: Researcher Interest Form.