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Effort Reporting at UTHealth

Effort Reporting Certification Calendar

Effort Reporting Calendar

For faculty, academic staff, graduate assistants, postdoctoral researchers, service professionals, and all other exempt employees:

Reporting Period Pre-Review Period Certification Period

January 1st - June 30th 

July 5th - July 18th 

July 19th - August 19th

July 1st - December 31st

January 5th - January 18th

January 19th - February 19th

* Note: if any of the above dates falls on a weekend, the action will occur the next business day

Prompt review, certification, and correction of an employee’s sponsored project effort on a project are essential.

Certification occurs twice a year to cover the periods from January-June and July-December.  When the effort certification period becomes available, the appropriate staff will be notified and will have 30 days to complete the effort certification statement.

ecrt® is designed to help faculty and staff undertaking sponsored projects comply with the provisions of UTHealth, UT System, and federal policies that govern the need to provide certification of an individual's total effort including his/her sponsored and non-sponsored activities.

You can login to ecrt® at to complete your certification tasks.