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Effort Reporting at UTHealth

Effort Reporting Roles & Responsibilities

Primary individual that puts forth some effort on sponsored programs and holds any faculty appointment or is a principal investigator, co-investigator, project director, co-project director or those with comparable responsibilities on a sponsored project. This person certifies his or her own effort as well as non-faculty support staff on their projects.

Auditor Role - Read Only:
Individual in the department that needs to be able to view information related to effort for their department and run reports. This role will also be used for the PAF and SDR team.

Primary Effort Coordinator:
A primary Effort Coordinator is assigned for each department in which primary individuals (PI/Faculty) are required to certify effort. This individual provides the main support during the effort certification process and is responsible for monitoring effort system for completion of effort cards, and ensure cost sharing, retro’s and salary cap issues are properly documented and funded for their assigned departments. PEC's will be able to make changes and certify any non-sponsored funding that is tied to the department.

Secondary Effort Coordinator(s):
The departments may assign a Secondary Effort Coordinator to assist in supporting the primary individual (PI/Faculty) who are required to certify their effort. This individual will be able to view, make changes if necessary and certify all non-sponsored funding.

Effort Coordinator (s) View Only: 
This role is only allowed to view the effort cards associated with the department(s) they are assigned, this does not give them access to payroll dollars.

Central Administrator(s):
Global access Administrator on ECRT. Will serve as the responsible party for the overall support of the system, as well as running reports, reviewing error logs and routinely audit system for non-compliance.

Reporting Role:
Global access Administrator on Reporting. This role has access to all departments/schools
. This role is handled only in the Central Administrator's office.