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Effort Reporting at UTHealth

Travel Restriction Procedure

Faculty are encouraged to certify effort cards in a timely manner to ensure compliance with UTHealth, UT System, and federal policy and regulation. A certification period of 30 days is provided for faculty to certify their effort for the previous six month reporting period. Travel restrictions will be implemented on outstanding effort certification cards after the 30 day certification window has closed. These restrictions will include travel on University funds or using University time.

Effort cards that require changes will not have travel restrictions imposed as long as the faculty member or their effort coordinator has notified the Effort Reporting team at or 713-500-3392. This exception may include: effort cards that are on hold for retroactive personnel action processing, effort cards that are awaiting journal entry approval, processing of cost share/transfer paperwork, or cards that have been reopened for certification after the certification period has closed. Effort cards that are reopened for certification after the 30 day certification period will have ten business days to be recertified and processed before travel restrictions are imposed.

Effort cards requiring manual certification due to faculty departure or other circumstances should be certified during the 30 day certification window and submitted to the Effort Reporting team at for processing. Effort cards requiring manual certifications that are not placed on hold or are not being actively worked on by effort coordinators will be subject to travel restrictions.

Notification of non-compliance within the 30 day certification window will be sent to the primary effort coordinator of each department after period closing along with copies to the Director, Management & Operations, Department Chairperson, Associate Dean for Management, Assistant Vice President, Sponsored Projects Administration, and the Executive Vice President of Academic and Research Affairs if certifications are not completed thereafter.  Monthly status reports of certified and non-certified effort cards will be provided to the UTHealth Executive Compliance Committee.

For additional information, please refer to the Effort Reporting Website, or contact the Effort Reporting Team at