Summary of Application Process for Observers & Trainees



Currently, the Visitors Program (all categories) is being suspended until further notice, due to the COVID-19. At this time, no visitors (US Citizens, US Permanent Residents, and Foreign visitors) in any category, will be permitted in any clinical setting, including any UT Physicians clinics and those of our affiliate hospital partners (Memorial Hermann and Harris Health), until further notice.
No new applications for visitors in any category/environment (domestic or foreign nationals) will be accepted at this time. 
Updates will be provided as new guidance is made available.


The Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer (EVPCAO) oversees this process at the institutional level.

Application Fees for Foreign[2] Observers and Professional Trainees

An application processing fee ($750.00 USD if paid by money order or $775.00 USD if paid by wire transfer) will be charged to all Foreign Observers and Foreign Professional Trainees. Please see the application for specific details.

Please note this is only a brief outline of the application and intake process for Observers and Trainees.  For more details, refer to Application Instructions and Procedure Overview for Observers and Trainees.

  1. Applicant identifies a Faculty Sponsor, and Faculty Sponsor agrees to host Applicant.
  2. Applicant completes the applicant’s section of the  Application for Observer/Trainee  and submits it to the Faculty Sponsor with the required supporting documents.
  3. Faculty Sponsor completes the department’s section of the Application for Observer/Trainee and obtains approval from the Department Chair.
  4. Faculty/Department Sponsor submits the application with appropriate health form(s) to UT Health Clinical Services (EHCS) for health review. EHCS sends a health clearance email to Faculty Sponsor.
  5. Faculty/Department Sponsor sends application with supporting documentation, health clearance email and payment (if applicable) to the Office of the EVPCAO (by email: (For Trainees, the Faculty Sponsor will also submit the one-page Trainee Plan.
  6. The Office of EVPCAO forwards the application to Human Resources to initiate a background check.  Upon successful completion of the background check, Human Resources signs off on the application and forwards it to the Office of the EVPCAO.
  7. The Office of the EVPCAO  and the Office of Legal Affairs determine whether an additional agreement (such as an affiliation agreement, visiting agreement, etc.) needs to be signed between the Applicant’s home institution and UTHealth.  If required, the agreement will be sent to the Faculty Sponsor for forwarding to the Applicant and Applicant’s home institution.  Officials at Applicant’s home institution sign the agreement and returns it to the Faculty Sponsor, who forwards it to the Office of the EVPCAO for final signature.
  8. The Office of the EVPCAO reviews the application.  If approved, the EVPCAO signs the application and any additional agreement. 
  9. The Office of the EVPCAO notifies the Faculty Sponsor of the application’s approval or denial, and forwards copies of the approved application to the Faculty Sponsor and Human Resources (as well as the Office of International Affairs for foreign[1] nationals for visa advising).
  10. Once an application is approved, the Faculty Sponsor’s Department/School sends an Acceptance Letter to the Applicant (providing the approved dates and intake processes instructions.)  The Applicant signs this letter and returns it to the Faculty/Department Sponsor.
  11. Foreign national Applicants will receive an email from the Office of International Affairs (OIA) for visa advising. Foreign Applicants must schedule an appointment with OIA for visa clearance upon their arrival.
  12. Before the visit can start, all Applicants must check-in with Human Resources to obtain a visitor’s UTHealth ID badge.  In addition, the foreign national Applicant must obtain visa clearance from OIA prior of getting their UTHealth ID badge.
  13. Only after receiving their visa clearance (if applicable) and badge, Applicants may begin their visit.
  14. The Faculty Sponsor/department is responsible for ensuring that the Applicant’s approved end date is observed and for collecting the Applicant’s UTHealth ID badge.

[1] A foreign national is defined as anyone who is not a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident.