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Honor Your Caregiver

Geriatrics care at UTHealth

UTHealth providers practice what they teach: Compassionate, leading-edge care that creates better outcomes and healthier lives. Through our affiliated clinical practices, including UT Physicians and UT Dentists, more than 2,000 UTHealth providers serve 1.9 million patients across 100-plus locations each year.

UTHealth providers also serve as faculty members who train the next generation of health care leaders and purse life-changing research to prevent and treat the most challenging diseases—from Alzheimer’s disease and COVID-19 to gum disease and oral cancer. Under the guidance of our faculty members, our students, residents, and fellows gain a wide range of experiences, including a holistic approach to providing care and a deeper understanding of the health care sector.

We invite you to make a gift in honor of your UTHealth provider and share your story.

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