Handbook of Operating Procedures

Reductions in Force Sample Forced Ranking List

A reduction in force memorandum should be addressed to the Vice President, Human Resources, and routed through the office of the appropriate dean or administrator. It should include an explanation of the reduction in force, the evaluative criteria used to force rank employees, the names and titles of those affected, the anticipated date on which the notice of reduction will occur, and the last day worked (termination date). The forced ranking list should be attached and in the format shown in the sample below.

Sample Forced Ranking List


Name Emplid Job title Ethnic Group Gender Birth Date Months of Service
*Smith, John 182737 Research Asst I White Male 10/20/48 46 months
Harold, Jane 837467 Research Asst II Black Female 02/02/62 31 months
Fang, Lee 220330 Research Asst II Asian Male 03/04/56 78 months
Field, Sally 112934 Research Asst II White Female 04/15/62 27 months
Furrow, Mike 222111 Research Asst II White Male 05/01/53 34 months
Garcia, Mike 342345 Research Asst II Hispanic Male 12/25/65 15 months
Kovacs, Ernie1 776543 Research Asst II White Male 11/30/60 7 months
*Silvers, Phil 655647 Lab Tech II White Male 05/16/39 140 months
*Evans, Bonnie 109111 Staff Asst White Female 10/29/63 20 months
*Beeson, Leeanne2 283999 Staff Asst Black Female 03/14/65 2 months

NOTE: The evaluative criteria should be applied to all employees equally and non-discriminatively. The forced ranking exercise must be well documented.


*Employees part of Reduction in Force.

If an employee is being retained who has less service than another employee within the same job title, the reason(s) for retaining the less senior employee should be documented.

If a probationary employee is not among the group to be laid off, the reason(s) why this individual will be retained while employees with more service are to be laid off must be documented.