Handbook of Operating Procedures

Modified Service

Policy Number: 190


Limited work-load appointment



Date Reviewed:
May 2003
Responsible Office:
Academic and Research Affairs, Human Resources
Responsible Executive:
Executive Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs; Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


Modified service is a limited work-load appointment that may be conferred, at the discretion of the Board of Regents, on employees of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") who are about to enter retirement. A retiree may be granted a modified service appointment when a review of the individual's past and current work performance reveals that the continuing the individual's work association with the university would result in significant benefit to the institution.

All modified service appointments are granted in increments of one academic year and are subject to an annual review and renewal process. Individuals who receive modified service appointments may work no more than one-half the work load that they carried immediately prior to the modified service appointment, and their salary rates are adjusted proportionally.


When an employee's retirement becomes imminent, the departmental supervisor (the department chair in the case of a faculty member) may choose to extend the offer of modified service to an employee whose retirement would represent a significant loss of skill and ability to his or her department.

The supervisor must make a preliminary budget and staffing assessment to determine whether or not the department's function and resources could support such an appointment. If the department's circumstances allow it and the employee wishes to enter into modified service, the supervisor will initiate a review of the individual's past and current performance as a basis for recommendation. All such recommendations will be submitted to the appropriate dean for endorsement.