About the House 2018

Ms. Sherley Lacey (81 Years Young)
3354 Wentworth, Houston, TX 77004

Ms. Lacey worked for the VA for over 30 years paying it forward and helping Veterans. Now it's our turn to pay it forward by helping her. She doesn't have living family and her house needs a paint job. The lawn and garden are well taken care of though. She is very grateful to have our helping hands!

We worked on April 14th and 28th but the weather halted us before we could finish. We've already painted much of the home. We power washed the house and the walk way to her front door. We rebuilt a few windows, did a bunch of caulking and trimmed some bushes.

Saturday May 5th is slated for 60% chance of rain but we have to get her home finished. We plan to work and are hoping for at least 4-5 hours of dry weather. The Rain Out number is 713-500-2276 will be updated regularly starting Friday night. If you, your family, friends and co-workers have a few hours to give us a hand we would sure be appreciative.

The plan is to show up at 8:30am and work as long as possible.  Remember, it may be raining where you are but not at the worksite. Thanks for being a part of this great program.

About the House 2017

Ms. Betty Thomas (79 Years Young)
6804 Conley, Houston, TX 77021

About The House PPTX - UT House Medics

Ms. Thomas is a joy and a nice lady who likes to visit with everyone.  She gets around pretty well and is looking forward to any improvements we can do to her home.  She lives alone and is no longer able to do some of the things she would like to around her home.

There is a bunch of garden work, weeds growing in fences and up the house, the wrought iron gate is rusty, there is some missing siding, a storm door to replace in front and install a handrail, a new door to install in the rear of the house, quite a bit of eave work, sealing the window with the A/C unit and we may even install a new set of steps at the back door.  There will be priming and painting, a bunch of caulking and even a security light to fix.

The plan is for the Roving Crew to get out there a week early to power wash some of the mold off the siding, as well as spread weed and ant killer.

There isn't much space for parking so we encourage carpooling from the REC center.  Please be careful if you decide to park on the street.  We will have a very clean port-o-jon for our private use.

Student InterCouncil (SIC) of UTHealth is co-sponsoring the 2017 event again!!!!  We are looking forwarding to working with all of you.  

Student leaders at the work site are: Mason Borth and TBA.

If you would like to carpool please meet at the UT Rec Center at 8am on the 22nd.  One of the student leaders will be waiting for you. Please text 281-389-8005 if you have questions about carpooling or following someone to the worksite.

We look forward to working with all of you on Ms. Thomas' home.  Work safe and have fun!

 Anyone who can bring a ladder, even step ladders, is a hero in my book.

About The House 2016

Homeowner and address
Mrs. Devella Garrett (88 years young)
6903 Weston
Houston, TX 77021
Key Map 533R

Click here Mrs. Garrett - UTHM 2016 About The House to see photos of the house from when we met Mrs. Garrett .

APRIL 16th 

We have a ton of yard work and plenty of scraping and painting.  There is a little caulking and some windows to replace and glazing to reapply.  Our experienced carpenters will be working on replacing some boards and replace the front hot water heater door and storm door.  We’ll pull up all of the boards that make a patio in the back yard.  Then we’ll re-grade the ground and place a bunch of large stepping stones there to make a nice little stone deck for her.  We would like to repaint her black wrought iron fence around her yard.  This is a great project for UTHealth students from all our schools.  It’s not part of the RTH work order but it would make her so happy to have the the rust and chipping paint renewed. 

Time permitting, the Roving Crew will repair the picketed fence in the back yard.  We will try to power wash the house to speed up the work.

UTHealth Students - Student InterCouncil (SIC) is co-sponsoring the 2016 event and we are looking forwarding to working with all of you.  
Student leaders at the work site are: Marian Chen and Mason Borth.

If you would like to carpool please meet at the UT Rec Center at 7:40am on the 16th.  Ms. Margaret Wang and Gina Duong will be waiting for you. Text 405-269-3875 if you have questions about carpooling or following someone to the worksite.

We look forward to working with all of you on Ms. Garrett's home.  Work safe and have fun!

 Anyone who can bring a ladder, even step ladders, is a hero in my book.

April 11, 2015 Home Assignment

Ms. Mary Edwards
5767 Belmark
Houston, TX 77033

Ms. Mary is 76 years young and a very pleasant lady. She gets around pretty well with cane but does have some breathing difficulty. Her grandson, Aundry, was very helpful and plans to help us work. She was so glad to see she was getting some much needed help repairing her home.  Bret and Dennie visited the home a week early to power wash some stains and mold from the exterior.  We also had a professional come out and fix her garage door so now she can actually open and close it with ease.  

The first workday got off to a very wet start.  We almost called a rain out but we're glad we didn't.  So many volunteers showed up and waited out the rain.  Working under the porch and carport was a great place to start.  Once the rain stopped the buzz all around the house began.  Everyone was eager to get moving.

The students tackled the garage with vigor and removed many bulky items, old televisions, desks and even a few electric wheelchairs.  She appreciated that the UTHealth students put together a storage shed she had in a box forever.  Her shelving was about to collapse and was being held up by bungee straps so JR fixed that too.  Some of our great guys tamped and leveled the area in back which was covered by pallets.  They then replaced it with a nice stone patio deck.  We replaced / repaired some major lighting around the home.  She now has a new storm door and the gap under her back door has been sealed. The screen our Roving Crew installed around the roof vents will keep those pesky critters out.  Ms. Edwards said they keep her up at night. There was a bunch of window glazing and caulking done.  The large iron hanging pot in front yard was reset in concrete, painted and filled with plants and flowers.  All of the wiring around the home was restrung and secured.  She really liked how we cleaned and painted all of her outdoor planter shelves and furniture.  All in all we hauled off truck after truck load of clutter and trash.  Although the volunteers worked for two weekends, some of the long standing volunteers and leaders put in an extra 3-4 workdays.

Thanks UTHealth faculty, staff, students, family and friends!  It was another fantastic year.  SIC thank you for your help recruiting some amazing students.  You guys Rock!!!!

See you next year!

Before work began:

Bret Wandel and Dennie Clemons visited the house mid week to bleach and wash the exterior. Most of the mold and stains came clean but there are some areas still needing a light scrubbing.  We have already managed to get her gas leak repaired! Now we are working to get a broken spring on her garage door fixed too.

First thing when you arrive you MUST SIGN IN to reserve your t-shirt and lunch. This sheet includes statements to release your photos and it releases UTHealth, Rebuilding Houston and the homeowner from liability.  NEXT - we begin unloading materials and supplies from trucks AND some volunteers can begin moving items around the home to a safe location to prevent accidental paint or damage. Leafs and debris need to be raked away from the base of the home. Signs and house numbers need to be removed from the walls and placed in a secure place until they can be reinstalled the last workday.

Scrapping: We do have to scrape some areas before we start painting. Iron posts in front need wire brushing to remove rust and loose paint. Scattered areas of house need scrapping of loose paint.
Wood Replacement: Small rotten areas of trim and fascia (at roof) will be replaced so we will work carefully around our Roving Crew (carpenters). Replacing old, loose boards framing AC unit and rotted wood frame of back doors. There are some holes near the roof that we will fill to prevent critters from entering. We need people to caulk the cracks, holes and crevices. 
Front Door: A new storm door and lock set will be installed. May add half step (Quick Crete) at front door.
Back and Side: Pull up patio decking and replace with large stepping stones for future mobility after back yard is leveled. An extra DISH will be removed from the roof and the holes filled in. The side door will have a threshold installed to, hopefully, prevent water from entering beneath it.
WIRES: There are so many wires tacked up on the home. We will determine which are inactive and remove them. The others will be arranged and re-secured by the Roving Crew.
YARD WORK: Ms. Mary's grandson, Aundry, keeps her yard looking pretty good. We can help them out by removing shrubs from the fence lines and cleaning up sprouts on tree trunks. Bret will work on May 2nd to cut back low hanging branches in back and on side of home.
Back Barn/Shed: We will paint the shed the same colors as the house. This is a simple and quick project but it will add a nice touch.
Windows: Some windows need a touch of glazing. the covers above some windows may need either a good washing or a coat of white paint.

Painting: We have a ton of painting to do! Need a few volunteers will need to tackle some high areas - someone who isn't afraid of heights. There are areas in the front and back of the home that will require a light person or two/three to carefully stand on the carport and/or lead on the roof to be able to reach the area. House colors are "Pebbled Courtyard" and the trim in "White".

There are a few special tasks for y'all. We need to fix her up a better clothes line in the garage. The one in there is low and stretches out in the walking area. Very dangerous! There are some bulky items Ms. Mary would like hauled out of her garage. A shelving unit (still in the box) needs to be put together. The large iron hanging pot in front yard will be stabilized (by Roving Crew) with Quick Crete and then it will be ready for you guys to paint and then fill with plants and flowers. Ms. Maria Grissom is donating some plants (thanks Maria).

CAUTION: Please avoid stepping into large holes near palm tree in front and near the fence at the far back of the yard. We will place orange flags in these areas as a precaution. There are low hanging lines stretching from the home to the back of the yard so please be careful when hauling tall items to/from the back.

UTHealth Students
Student InterCouncil (SIC) is co-sponsoring the 2015 event and we are looking forwarding to working with all of you.  Student leaders at the work site are:  Margie Sutton, Elizabeth Kolawole (MSB), Clinique Price (SON), Clara Yoo and Margaret Wang.

Car Pool Option - Depart REC Center at 7:30am
If you would like to car pool or follow someone to the worksite, please be at the UTHealth REC Center before 7:30am.  Please look for Margaret Wang (ywa204@gmail.com or call Dennie at 281-389-8005) at the front of the Recreation Center.  (Thank you Margaret for taking the lead on this task.)  The caravan of cars will leave at 7:30am for the house.  Return trips will be coordinated through Margaret.

Please contact Dennie Clemons (wanda.d.clemons@uth.tmc.edu or 281-389-8005) if you have questions or need more information.

Thank you for volunteering.  Please work safe and have a little fun!

About The House 2014

Mildred Cooper
7342 Forrestal
Houston, TX  77033 (Key Map 533V)

2014 Memories

Ms. Cooper will turned 72 years young this year.  She lived in this home for over 40 years.  She is currently living alone, but is not always alone.  Her granddaughter works in Afghanistan and when in Texas, she likes to stay with grandma.  She really enjoyed our company and couldn't believe what a difference we made on the first workday, let alone in three weekends.  "I will remember UT House Medics for the rest of my life."

The event lasted 3 Saturdays in a row: March 29th, April 5th and April 12th.  Volunteers cut down dead tree limbs, created flower beds all around the house, installed new doors, windows and screens, and much more. We created an insulated box cover for her water pipes so she won't have to worry when the weather turns cold again. All our little personal touches like a stone shaped heart for her garden, nice stepping stones at the water hose, and beautiful flowers and mulch will help Ms. Cooper smile when thinking of us for years to come.

Check out the Rebuilding Together Houston (RTH) National's Blog on Ms. Cooper, our 2014 homeowner http://rebuildingtogether.tumblr.com/tagged/Rebuilding-Together-Houston

Thank you to all the marvelous UTHealth family, friends and co-workers who donated time and energy to make this another great year.

Let's keep paying it forward for many years to come.

Before work began:

Bret, Bryant, Rocio and I enjoyed a nice long visit with her and she was certain to let us know how much she is looking forward to meeting all of our volunteers. She is very excited about us helping her with her home. 

We have plenty of yard work and painting. There is a little caulking and some window glazing to reapply. Our experienced carpenters will be working on a corner of the roof/eave in the back, replacing a side door and a storm door,  and a few small window panes. Bret, Lead Carpenter, is planning to power wash the house a few days prior so it will be ready for us on Saturday morning!  He also plans to repair our screens for us in advance so we'll just have to install them on April 5th.  Thanks Bret!

There is a dead tree and a bush that we would like to remove for Ms. Cooper if we have time. A few of the gutters have some plants growing in them that needs to be cleaned out.  The carpenters will need to re-secure a few gutter drains. We would really like to re-establish Ms. Coopers flower beds.  It’s not part of the RTH work order but we think it would be a nice touch and a kind gift from UTHealth.  We'll have to be careful to avoid the hidden plants among the weeds.  :-). We’ll need some lawn timbers to outline the gardens.  If you know where we can get some donated or where to get a big discount please let me know ASAP.

Oh…This year….No Scraping the house!  I can’t believe this myself.  Happy Days!!!

We look forward to working with you on Ms. Cooper’s home.  Work safe and have fun!

About The House 2013

Mary Bryant
5202 Doulton
Houston, TX  77033 (Key Map 534S)

So many wonderful Volunteers showed up and did a bang up job.  Three weekends for this labor of love and everything looks great. Ms. Bryant was extremely happy and proud of the home she lived in for more then 42 years.  Thanks for another great year! WE ROCK!

Mary Bryant was a wonderful lady to talk with. She is 75 years young and very excited we are coming.  She has lived here for 42 years and is a widow.  Ms. Mary is still working as a caregiver for the same person after 21 years.  She will be very appreciative of any help we can provide.

Before work began

We will paint the house using the same paint scheme.  She asked about painting the burglar bars so we will check them out and see what we can do.


2012 About the House 

The Project Took Place In March 2012.
We found some committed volunteers to refurbish a home for one of our own low-income senior citizens.  You came out and joined your co-workers for a day of volunteering. Our hearts swelled with joy seeing how happy she was at the end of the project. This was a great way for our children and young adults to get volunteer experience and credit hours. There was something for everyone.

Please sign up next year if you are interested in making a difference in someone's life.