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Leave Policies

Leave Policies

Administrative Leave - The umbrella term "administrative leave" is used to encompass all such paid leave situations for employees who hold a regular appointment at UTHealth.

Administrative Leave of Absence - Leave of absence without pay requested by an employee for compelling personal affairs other than the employee’s own medical condition or other situations for which leave is available under other university policies and granted at the discretion of the supervisor.

Civic Duty Leave - Provides for jury duty, court appearances, and administrative proceedings to which the employee is not a party. It also covers time off for voting if the employee is unable to vote before or after regular working hours.

Military Leave - Provides for military leaves of absence with pay for up to 15 working days in a federal fiscal year for authorized training/duty and extended military leave for additional military service. Military Rights and Responsibilities

Family Medical Leave (FML)
- Used for absences due to a serious health condition of employee, employee’s spouse, child, or parent or the birth/adoption/foster of a child. Used concurrently with other paid or unpaid leaves.

Funeral Leave - Provides up to three days of paid leave for employees who hold a regular appointment to attend the funeral of a family member.

Parental Leave - Used for absences due to the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child under three years of age when the employee does not meet the employment qualifications of Family Medical Leave. Used concurrently with other paid or unpaid leaves.

Preventive Health Care Leave - Provides up to eight hours of leave, available to employees who have completed six months employment, with approval of their supervisor, for preventive health care appointments for themselves or their immediate family.

Sick Leave - Used for absences necessitated by personal illness, injury or pregnancy or when needed to assist an immediate family member who is ill. Also, allows up to eight hours per fiscal year to be used for employees to attend educational activities of their child ages Pre-K to 12th grade.

Sick Leave Pool Program - Provides additional sick leave for employees who exhaust their sick leave due to catastrophic illness or injury suffered by the employee or a member of the employee's immediate family.

Vacation Leave - Leave to be approved by an employee's supervisor before it can be used and available for personal use to take vacation.

Worker's Compensation - Provides benefits for employees who suffer compensable injury or occupational disease while performing duties within the course and scope of their employment.