The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine for the Prevention of Human Diseases

Laboratory for Systems Biology


The IMM is the hub of a new alliance connecting research efforts across the university in systems biology, clinical and translational sciences, protein chemistry, genomics, and proteomics. This new multidisciplinary science will link the efforts of various centers, bringing together people to promote intellectual exchange and the transfer of expertise in these key fields and beyond.


The advanced flow cytometry facilities of the IMM complement the proteomics and mass spectrometry capabilities allowing Lee and States to isolate and analyze highly specific cellular populations such as the tumor associated macrophages and myeloid derived suppressor cells that are found in many cancers. Advanced algorithms for signal
processing, data analysis and information handling are central to proteomics so this project benefits from the unique capabilities of the School of Health Information Sciences.

Collaborations are being developed with an emphasis on projects that both advance the science of proteomics and yield high value biomedical results. These will be scientifically intensive collaborations extending over a period of time and leading to co-authorship on papers and joint grant funding. As such, collaborative projects are being evaluated on a case by case basis with the aim of bringing in high impact research and projects that move the science forward.

The Thermo Sciences LTQ XL Orbitrap ETD combines three different mass spectrometers to achieve unique capabilities including very high accuracy (100,000 to 1 resolution) with high sensitivity (single ion in the LTQ) and the ability to perform complex experiments integrating all of the components of the instrument together. The instrument is used to probe the details of the cellular proteome.