The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine for the Prevention of Human Diseases

Institute Staff Directory

Laboratory Staff:

Hancock, John F., MA, MB, BChir, PhD, ScD            Vice-Dean of Research,    Executive Director
500-2401 SRB 205A
Pinkney, Naomi Senior Executive Assistant 500-7547 MSB4.098
Bihm, Cynthia (Cindy) C. Director of Management Operations
500-2408 SRB 205D
Amra, Sarah Chief Histology Technician 300-3386 SRB 402
Bertsch, Alexis Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist 3500-3247 SRB 205
Carlin, Arby Shipping & Receiving Supervisor 500-2406 SRB 129
Chevis, Josie Financial Analyst 500-2468 SRB 205
Duke, Brian Systems & Application Specialist (A-V) 500-3851 UCT 1020
Gibbs, Reginald Shipping & Receiving Clerk II 500-2406 SRB 129
Hazen, Amy L. PhD Assoc. Director Shared Research Resources 500-3612 SRB 330G
Li, Fei Senior Grants & Contracts Specialist 500-2418 SRB 205
Martinez, Bonnie Administrative Manager 500-2404 SRB 205E
McFarland, Ruby Senior Administrative Coordinator 500-2460 SRB 530-1
Nguyen, Christopher Systems & Application Specialist I 500-3615 SRB 430-05
Riley, J. Scott Senior Administrative Coordinator 500-3672 SRB 205
Sanchez, Jorge Systems & Applications Specialist III 500-3064 SRB 432
Sanders, Lillian Laboratory Technician Supervisor 500-2467 SRB 417
Vo, Minh Financial Analyst 500-2450 SRB 205-3
Mailing Address: 6770 Bertner Avenue | Houston, TX 77030 | Department Mail Code: THI/DAC-900
Denton A. Cooley Building (DAC) 9th Floor | Fax 713-383.0313
Marian, Ali J., MD Professor & Director 500-2350 C 900A
Gurha, Priyatansh, PhD Assistant Professor 500-2335  C 950G 
Lombardi, Raffaella, MD, PhD  Assistant Professor  500-2344 C 950F 
Administrative Staff:
Capadocia, Evelyn S. Senior Administrative Coordinator 500-2345 C 900B
Postdoctoral Fellows:
Chen, Suet Nee, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-2307 C 950H
Karmouch, Jennifer, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-2307 C 950H
Research & Clinical Study 500-2312
Tan, Yanli (Lily), RN Research Nurse 500-2310 C 950J
Cardiovascular Genetics Staff:
Czernuszewicz, Grazyna Senior Research Assistant 500-2307 C 950H
Xiaofan (Eric) Chen, MD Research Assistant 500-2307 C 950H
Rodionov, Edward Research Assistant 500-2307 C 950H
Boerwinkle, Eric, PhD Professor & Director 500-9803
GSBS 250
SRB 530E
Doris, Peter, PhD Professor & Deputy Director 500-2414 SRB 530F
Fornage, Myriam, PhD Professor 500-2463 SRB 530G
Teng, Ba-Bie, PhD Professor 500-2443 SRB 530D
Administrative Staff:
Sheppard, Monique R. Senior Administrative Coordinator 500-2402 SRB 530-05
Wallace-Jackson, Tressie Administrative Services Officer 500-9803 RAS E451
Postdoctoral Fellows:
Dhande, Isha, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-3572 SRB 530.06
Jian, Xueqiu, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-2476 SRB 530.13
Richard, Melissa Ann, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-3648 SRB 530.12
Laboratory Staff:
Cochran, Barbara Research Associate 500-2425 SRB 501C
Lin, Li-An SPH Graduate Assistant (Masters) 500-3378 SRB 530.11
Liu, Xiaopeng Statistician 500-2472 SRB 501

Sun, Hua

Research Scientist 500-2472 SRB 501E.06
Wang, Ping Research Associate 500-2422 SRB 501A

Zhao, Xiaoping

Scientific Programmer 500-2472 SRB 501

Zhu, Yaming, MD, PHD

Sr. Research Assistant 500-2463 SRB 501B
Chung, Yeonseok, PhD Adjunct - Assistant Professor   SRB 437A
Gigli, Irma, MD Director Emeritus 500-2403 SRB 437D
Luong, Amber U., MD, PhD Assistant Professor 500-5410 SRB 437C
Wang, Dachun, MD Assistant Professor
500-3608 SRB 437D
Wetsel, Rick, PhD Professor and Director
500-2412 SRB 430A
Zsigmond, Eva, PhD Assistant Professor / Associate Director 500-2453 SRB 430C
Administrative Staff: 
Wilson, LaQuesha Senior Administrative Coordinator 500-3561 SRB 430-07
Laboratory Staff:
Domozhirov, Aleksey Research Associate / Manager 500-2452 SRB 637B
Mueller-Ortiz, Stacey, PhD Research Scientist 500-2416 SRB 437-05
Quan, Yuan Research Assistant I 500-3607 SRB 401R
Mikhail G. Kolonin, PhD Associate Professor & Director   500-3146  SRB 430E 
Tong, Qingchun, PhD Associate Professor  500-3453 SRB 430G 
Justice, Nicholas, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3665 SRB 430B
Mahan, Kristin Eckel- Assistant Professor 500-2487 SRB 437B
Narkar, Vihang, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3585 SRB 430F
Sun,  Kai, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3190 SRB 437A
Zhang, Sheng, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3493 SRB 430H
Instructors (Faculty)
Xu, Yuanzhong, PhD Instructor 500-3586 SRB 401P
Xu, Zhen, PhD Instructor 500-3493 SRB 401
Administrative Staff:
Wilson, LaQuesha Senior Administrative Coordinator 500-3561 SRB 430-07
IMM Confocal Microscope:
Mao, Zhengmei, PhD Research Associate 500-3389 SRB 537-02
Laboratory Staff:
Daquinag, Alexes, PhD Senior Research Scientist 500-2451 SRB 401L.08
Gao, Zhanguo, PhD Research Scientist 500-2410 SRB 401R
Dadbin, Ali, MS Senior Research Assistant 500-2410 SRB 401R.01
Lorca, Sabina Research Assistant II 500-3497 SRB 401R
Tito, Antonio, MS Graduate Research Assistant


SRB 401
Postdoctoral Fellows:
Badin, Pierre Marie Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-3497

SRB 401R

Kim, Eun Ran Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-3586

SRB 401H

Rui, Yanning, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-3493 SRB 401
Zhang, Tao, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-2410 SRB 401L.06
Students (GSBS)
Hunt, Albert Student 500-3481 SRB 401A
Mangieri, Leandra Rosa Student 500-3586 SRB 401P
Tseng, Chieh Student 500-2410 SRB 401L.07
Sevick, Eva M, PhD Professor & Director 500-3560 SRB 330A
Aldrich, Melissa, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3565 SRB 330P
Azhdarinia, Ali, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3539 SRB 330
Harvey, Barrett R., PhD Assistant Professor 500-3485 SRB 430
Kwon, Sunkuk, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3393 SRB 330F
Rasmussen, John, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3393 SRB 330F
Zhu Banghe, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3563 SRB 330R
Gao, Peng, PhD Instructor 500-3482 SRB401
Morrow, Rodney, J. Sr. Regulatory & Compliance Specialist 500-3592 SRB 330D
Administrative Staff:
Talton, Alainna D Senior Administrative Coordinator 500-3488 SRB 330-02
White, Dana Administrative Coordinator 500-3433 SRB-330
Postdoctoral Fellows:
Laboratory Staff:
Ghosh, Sukhen Research Scientist 500-3561 SRB-330C
Pinkston, Ken Research Coordinator II 500-3482 SRB 401
Wilganowski, Nathaniel Research Coordinator II 500-3606 SRB 301E
Wu, Grace Research Coordinator II 500-3606 SRB 301D
Cristini, Vittorio, PhD Visiting Professor & Interim Director 486-2315 158 3SCR6.4644
Bi, Xiaohong, PhD Assistant Professor  486-5419 158 3SCR6.4678
Foster, Philip, MD, PhD Assistant Professor  486-5423 158 3SCR6.3834
Volk, David, PhD Assistant Professor 500-2232 SRB 301
Wang, Zhihui (Bill), PhD Visiting Associate Professor 486-5425 158 3SCR6.4680
Thiviyanathan, Varatharasa Instructor 500-2232 SRB 301
Wang,Hongyu                             Instructor 500-3196 SRB 301L
Administrative Staff:
J. Scott Riley Senior Administrative Coordinator 500-3672 SRB 205
Laboratory Staff:
Bulayeva, Natalyia, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-2465 SRB 301
Li, Li Research Associate 500-2456 SRB 507
Li, Xin Research Associate 500-2232 SRB 301
Rao, Lokesh, PhD Research Scientist SRB 330-15
Xiong, Wei Research Associate 500-2457 SRB 501
Post Doctoral Fellows/Medical Students:
Mayberry, James Medical Student (Research) SRB 301L
Nyugen, Linda Medical Student (Research) SRB 301L
Davis, Brian R., PhD Associate Professor & Director 500-3145 SRB 630E
Cao, Qilin, MD Associate Professor 500-6365 SRB637D
Cox, Charles S. Jr., MD Professor 500-7300 MSB 5.236
Darabi, Radbod, MD, PhD Assistant Professor  500-3411 SRB 630A 
Kim, Dong H., MD Professor 500-6170 MSB 7.146
Li, Yong, MD, PhD Associate Professor 500-2438 SRB 630C
Liu, Ying, MD, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3567 SRB 630B
Long, Bo Visiting Professor 500-3674 SRB630.05
McCarty, Nami, PhD Associate Professor 500-2495 SRB 630H
Nakayama, Naoki, PhD Associate Professor 500-3423 SRB 630D
Simmons, Paul, J., PhD Adjunct Professor
Smith-Callahan, Laura, PhD Assistant Professor 
Wenzel, Pamela, L., PhD Assistant Professor 500-3472 SRB 630A
Wu, Jiaqian, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3421 SRB 637A
Xian, Wa, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3116 SRB 630B
Administrative Staff:
Bosley, Trina Senior Administrative Coordinator 500-3429 SRB630
Quiceno, Veronica K Administrative Assistant 500-3429 SRB630.07
Postdoctoral Fellows:
Chen, Kenian, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500- SRB637.05
Daquinag, Alexes, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-2451 SRB 601
Dong, Xiaomin, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Lee, Hyun, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Li, Nan, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Li, Shenglan Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-3674 SRB601E08
Li, Xuan Shirley, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-3426 SRB601L.01
Lu, Hezou, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Matthias, Nadine, DVM Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-2451 SRB601.L05
Pourebrahamabadi, Rasoul, MD, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 50-3426 SRB630.13
Salameh, Ahmad (Nasser) Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-2451 SRB 601
Vojnits, Kinga, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Wang, Shaohui, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Wu, Jianbo, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Zhang, Tao, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Zheng, Yi-Yan, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Laboratory Staff:
Chan, Lo Long Research Assistant II
Chen, Zheng Research Assistant 500-2499 SRB 601
Crane, Ana Senior Research Associate 500-3426 SRB 601J
Deng, Shuyun Research Assistant | Non Clinical
Diaz, Miguel Research Associate | Non Clinical
Gandhi, Poojabahen Research Assistant I 500-2499 SRB 601
Evans, Siobahn Research Assistant | Non Clinical
Fu, Chen Visiting Student
Liao, Wei Research Associate 500-3426 SRB 601
Pan, HaiYing Senior Research Assistant 500-3778 SRB 630.03
Rouhigharabaei, Leila Senior Research Assistant | Non Clinical
Tseng, Chieh J. GSBC Graduate Research Assistant 500-2451 SRB 601
Trilok, Suprita Research Assistant I
Xue, Haipeng Research Associate 500-3674 SRB601E08
Zhang, Jianhu Research Assistant | Non Clinical
Aronowski, Jaroslaw A., PhD Professor 500-7059 MSB 7.210
Cao, Qilin, MD Associate Professor 500-6365 SRB 637D
Cox, Charles, S. Jr., MD Professor 500-7300 MSB 5.236
Dash, Pramod, PhD Professor 500-5625 MSB 7.160
Liu, Ying, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3567 SRB 630B
Savitz, Sean I., MD Associate Professor 500-7083 MSB 7.124
Wu, Jiaqian, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3421 SRB 637C
An, Zhiqiang, PhD Professor (Director) 500-3011 SRB 532A
Bills, Gerald  Professor  - 1881 East Road  486-2344 


Carmon, Kendra, PhD Assistant Professor 500-3690 SRB 537.2
Li, Wenliang Assistant Professor 500-3363 SRB 537C
Liu, Qingyun, PhD Professor (Co-Director) 500-3808 SRB 530A
Rios, Adan, PhD Associate Professor (Oncology) 500-3412  SRB537A 
Stephan, Clifford, PhD Assistant Professor (IBT) 713-677-7456 2121 W. Holcombe Blvd Suite 907
Tsuchikama, Kyoji Assistant Professor  486  1881 East Rd, 3SCR6.4634 
Zhang, Ningyan Associate Professor 500-3332 SRB 537D
Administration Staff:
Postdoctoral Fellow:
Li, Leike (Simon), PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow (An Lab) 500-3522 SRB 501R
Li, Yan, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Bills) 486-2345 CABIR-3SCR6.3638
Huang, Zhao (George), PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-3522 SRB 301R

Liu, Chunping

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Meng, Weixu, (Ella), PhD 

Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-3522 SRB501R

Niu, Xuemei 

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Song, Haiping 

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Shi, Yun

Postdoctoral Research Fellow 500-3522 SRB 501R
Xia, Lin Postdoctoral Research Fellow


SRB 501L
Yi, Jing Postdoctoral Research Fellow


SRB 301U
Laboratory Staff:
Deng, Hui Research Associate 500-3522 SRB 330
Fa, Ming Senior Research Associate Non-Clinical (Dr. An's Lab) 500-3522 SRB 408
Fan, Xuejun (Jun) Research Scientist 500-3522 SRB 301R
Gong, Xing, PhD Research Scientist 500-3690 SRB 501L
Jiang, Hong Research Scientist 500-2434 SRB 516

Xiong, Wei

Research Associate 500-3690 SRB 501L


Dhupkar, Pooja 

Hulsurkar, Mohit (Li's Lab) 

Mukherjee, Seema
Owiti, Norah
Xia, Lin (An's Lab)

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