Dr. David Volk, Ph.D.

Dr. David Volk, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Center for Translational Cancer Research

Email Address: David.Volk@uth.tmc.edu
Phone Number: 713-500-3195
Room Number: SRB 330E


Fax 713.500.0319

Dr. Volk received his B.A. (Physics and Mathematics) from Minot State University and his Ph.D. (Chemistry) from North Dakota State University where his work focused on reaction mechanisms studied by low temperature NMR and quantum mechanics. His postdoctoral training at Duke University and UT Medical Branch focused on NMR-derived protein and DNA structure determinations. As a Research Scientist at UTMB, his work focused on structural biology, aptamers, NMR-based metabolomics/bioinformatics and quantum chemistry. He joined the IMM in 2009, in 2010 became an Assistant Professor in the Center for Proteomics and Systems Biology, and now is an Associate Professor in the Center for Precision Biomedicine.

Research Interests

Dr. Volk’s current research interests include using bioinformatics techniques applied to proteomic and metabolite studies of patient populations and in the development of novel classes of DNA thioaptamer libraries for use as therapeutic and diagnostic agents. Our recent work focuses on combining aptamers and nanoparticles.

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