Dr. Banghe Zhu, Ph.D.

Dr. Banghe Zhu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Center for Molecular Imaging

Email Address: Banghe.Zhu@uth.tmc.edu
Phone Number: 713-500-3563


Dr. Zhu has a broad background in instrumentation development for preclinical and clinical near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence imaging studies and translational studies and in data analysis using statistical and correlation methods.  After graduation, Dr. Zhu joined the Massachusetts General Hospital. There he developed a catheter-based system for intravascular fluorescence sensing.  Combined with activatable or targeted fluorochromes, the catheter-based imaging system can sense molecular pathways in the formation of vulnerable plaque and thus offer important new ways of diagnosis.  Later, Dr. Zhu moved to the Florida International University.  There he participated in the development of a hand-held optical probe based optical imaging system with 3D tracking facilities for breast cancer detection and applied non-invasive NIR spectroscopy-diffuse optical imaging for functional brain mapping of children with autism. 

Currently, Dr. Zhu’s research interests focus on the development and optimization of NIR fluorescence molecular imaging and tomographic systems for translational research and the establishment of certifiable standards for quantifying the task performance of identifying primary lesion margins as well as detecting metastases in the preclinical tumor model using NIR fluorescent agents and far-red gene reporters IFP1.4 and iRFP.

Selected Publications:

  • Zhu, B., and Godavarty, A., “Functional connectivity in the brain in joint attention skills using near infrared spectroscopy and imaging”, Behavioural Brain Research (in press).
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