The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine for the Prevention of Human Diseases


Unless otherwise specified, all seminars will be held at 11 AM in the Beth Robertson Auditorium on the First Floor of the Sarofim Research Building at 1825 Pressler Street.



September 4, 2015 
Host: Qingchun Tong

Yong Xu
Children's Nutrition Center - Baylor College of Medicine

September 11, 2015 
Host: Nick Justice

Bill Lagor
Baylor College of Medicine

September 25, 2015 
Host: John Hancock

Johnny Huard
UT Medical School

October 2, 2015 
Host: Zhiqiang An

Alec Zhang
University of Texas-Southwestern

October 16, 2015 
Host: Vihang Narkar

Vincent Giguere
McGill University

October 23, 2015 
Host: AJ Marian

Sharon Dent
UT MD Anderson Cancer - Smithville

October 30, 2015 
Host: Xiaodong Cheng

Robert Friesen
Janssen Global Services

November 6, 2015 
Host: Kai Sun

Chaodong Wu
Texas A & M University

November 13, 2015 
Host: AJ Marian

Marcos Estecio
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

November 20, 2015 
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Jeffrey M. Friedman
The Rockefeller University

November 27, 2015 

Thanksgiving Holiday

December 4, 2015 
Host: AJ Marian

William T. Pu
Boston Children's Hospital / Harvard Medical School

December 11, 2015 
Host: Sheng Zhang

Eric H. Baehrecke
University of Massachusetts Medical School

December 18, 2015 
Host: Jiaqian Wu

Andrew McMahon
University of Southern California

December 25, 2015 

Winter Holiday

January 1, 2016 

Winter Holiday

January 8, 2016 
Host: Sheng Zhang

Aaron Gitler
Stanford University

January 15, 2016 
Host: Wenliang Li

Bingcheng Wang
Case Western University

January 22, 2016 
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Sheila Collins
Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute

January 29, 2016 
Host: Sheng Zhang

Kevin Morano
UT Medical School

February 5, 2016 
Host: Jim Liu

Monte Winslow
Stanford University

February 12, 2016 
Host: Barrett Harvey

Peter Panizzi
Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn University

February 19, 2016 
Host: Laura Smith Callahan

Jordon Miller
Rice University

February 26, 2016 
Host: Nami McCarthy / Sheng Zhang

Maria Diaz-Meco
Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute

March 4, 2016 
Host: Nami McCarthy

Eric P. Hoffman
Children's National Health System

March 11, 2016 
Host: Zhiqiang An

Daria J. Hazuda


March 17, 2016 
Host: Kristin Mahan

Francy Saldek 
University of California-Riverside

March 18, 2016 
Host: Peter Doris

Song (Stephen) Yi 
Harvard Medical School

March 25, 2016 
Host: Xiaodong Cheng

John McMurray
MD Anderson Cancer Center

April 1, 2016 
Host: Zhiqiang An

Jean Jiang 
University of Texas - San Antonio


April 8, 2016 
Host: Rick Wetsel

Andrea Tenner
Univeristy of California - Irvine

April 15, 2016 
Host: Yong Li

Yanlin Wang
Baylor College of Medicine

April 22, 2016 
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

James Granneman
Wayne State Univeristy School of Medicine

April 29, 2016 
Host: Wenliang Li

Yun Qiu
University of Maryland School of Medicine

May 6, 2016 
Host: Nick Justice


Nicholas W. Gilpin
LSU Health Sciences Center

May 13, 2016 
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Lorin Olson
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

May 20, 2016 
Host: Vihang Narkar

Celeste Simon
University of Pennsylvania

May 27, 2016 
Host: TBD

H. Leighton (Lee) Grimes
Cincinnati Childrens Hospital

Questions regarding The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine's Seminar Series can be directed to either:

Nami McCarthy Phone: 1-713-500-2495 or email

Vihang Narkar  Phone: 1-713-500-3585 or email