Unless otherwise specified, all seminars will be held at 11 AM in the Beth Robertson Auditorium on the First Floor of the Sarofim Research Building at 1825 Pressler Street.



September 7, 2018 
Host: Kristin Mahan

Kunal Rai
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Presentation title: Functional Epigenomics of Melanoma Progression

September 14, 2018 
Host: Sheng Zhang

William Yang

Presentation title: Integrating Mouse Genetics and Systems Biology to Study Huntington's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease

September 21, 2018 
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Nagireddy Putluri
Baylor College of Medicine

Presentation title: Epigenetic Loss of AOX1 Expression via EZH Leads to Metabolic Deregulation in Bladder Cancer

September 28, 2018 
Host: Zhiqiang An

Kyoji Tsuchikama

Presentation title: Chemical Approaches for Constructing Next-Generation Antibody-Drug Conjugates

October 5, 2018 
Host: Sarah Huang

Xin Sun
UC San Diego

Presentation title: Consider the Lung as a Sensory Organ

October 12, 2018 
Host: Radbod Darabi

Jill Rafael-Fortney
Ohio State University

Presentation title: Mineralocorticoid Signaling in Acute and Chronic Skeletal Muscle Injuries

October 26, 2018  
Host: Kai Sun

Yu-Hua Tseng
Harvard University

Presentation title: Thermogenic Fat: Fuel utilization, secretome, and beyond


November 2, 2018  
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Bruce Spiegelman
Harvard University

Presentation title: Regulation of Thermogenic Adipose Cells: Biology and therapeutics

November 9, 2018  
Host: Jiaqian Wu

John Svaren
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Presentation title: Integration of Transcriptional and Epigenetic Control of Gene Networks in Schwann Cells after Nerve Injury

November 16,2018  
Host: Pamela Wenzel

Jae-Won Shin
University of Illinois at Chicago

Presentation title: Leveraging Biomaterial Mechanics to Design Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapies for Regenerative Medicine

November 30, 2018  
Host: Qingchun Tong

Zhongming Zhao

Presentation title: Bioinformatics Research and Collaboration in the Era of Big Data and Precision Medicine

December 7, 2018  
Host: Momoko Yoshimoto

Junichi Iwata

Presentation title: Cholesterol Metabolism and Membrane Trafficking in Craniofacial Development and Diseases

December 14, 2018  
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Nada Abumad
Washington University at St. Louis

Presentation title: Fatty Acids and Ceramides: Ties that bind

January 11, 2019
Host: Nami McCarty

Monica Guzman
Cornell University

Presentation title: Leukemia Stem Cells: To seek and destroy

January 25, 2019
Host: Nami McCarty

Reuben Kapur
Indiana University

Presentation title: Growth and Survival Signals in Pre-leukemic Stem/progenitor Cells

February 1, 2019  
Host: Wenliang Li

Himisha Beltran
Harvard University

Presentation title: Lineage Plasticity and the Neuroendocrine Phenotype in Prostate Cancer

February 8, 2019  
Host: Ali J. Marian

Thomas Vondriska

Presentation title: Epigenomics of Cardiovascular Disease: From chromatin fiber to human populations

February 15, 2019  
Host: Kristin Mahan 

Robert Eckel
University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus

Presentation title: Lipoprotein Lipase: An evolving story of how tissue-specific regulation of the enzyme relates to metabolism and neurodegenerative diseases

March 8, 2019 
Host: Qingyun Liu

Dan Wu
Yale University

Presentation title: Unexpected Journey into Immuno-oncology Space---DKK2 as a promising immuno-oncology target for colorectal cancer

March 15, 2019 
Host: Qingchun Tong

Jun Ding
Stanford University

Presentation title: Dopamine Modulation of Synaptic Plasticity - Balance between Co-released Neurotransmitters

March 29, 2019  
Host: Wa Xian

John Engelhardt
University of Iowa

Presentation title: Glandular Myoepithelial Cells Are Multipotent Reserve Stem Cells of the Proximal Airway

April 5, 2019
Host: Wenliang Li

Gregory Longmore
Washington University, St. Louis

Presentation title: Mechanobiology and Cancer Progression


April 12, 2019 
Host: Rick Wetsel

Betty Diamond
The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Presentation title: C1q and Immune Homeostasis

April 26, 2019
Host: Peter Doris

Ashish Kapoor

Presentation title: Genomics of Electrocardiographic QT Interval Variation: From GWAS to molecular mechanisms

May 3, 2019
Host: Vihang Narkar 

Enrique Saez
Scripps Research Institute

Presentation title: New Molecular Pathways to Tackle Metabolic Disease

May 10, 2019
Host: Zhiqiang An

MSB 3.001

Raymond Schinazi
Emory University

Presentation title: Disruptive Discoveries for HIV, HCV, and HBV Infections

May 31, 2019
Host: Rick Wetsel

Eva Zsigmond

Presentation title: Advances in the Generation of Animal Models: CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Mutations

Questions regarding The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine's Seminar Series can be directed to either:

Nami McCarty Phone: 1-713-500-2495 or email

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