Unless otherwise specified, all seminars will be held at 11 AM in the Beth Robertson Auditorium on the First Floor of the Sarofim Research Building at 1825 Pressler Street.



September 8, 2017 
Host: Nicholas Justice

Savio Chan
Northwestern University

Presentation title: Aberrant Astrocytic Regulation Underlies Circuit Alterations in Parkinson's Disease

September 15, 2017 
Host: Nami McCarty

Weixing Zong
Rutgers University

Presentation title: Oncogenic regulation of membrane trafficking and cell metabolism

September 22, 2017 
Host: Kai Sun

Lily Dong
UTHSC San Antonio

Presentation title: The roles of adiponectin signaling in regulating insulin sensitivity and energy homeostasis

September 29, 2017 
Host: Ba-Bie Teng

Peter Doris

Presentation title: Genetics of kidney disease and brain injury in hypertensive rats

October 6, 2017  
Host: Johnny Huard

Gang Bao
Rice University

Presentation title: Nanomedicine and genome editing based approaches for disease therapies

October 20, 2017  
Host: Jiaqian Wu

Benjamin Deneen
Baylor College of Medicine

Presentation title: Developmental Gliogenesis: The crossroads of cell fate and malignancy in the CNS

November 3, 2017  
Host: Ningyan Zhang

Rong Li
UTHSC San Antonio

Presentation title: DNA repair-independent function of BRCA1 in tumor suppression

November 10,2017  
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Sheila Collins
Sanford Burnham Presby Discovery

Presentation title: Signaling mechanisms controlling adipose tissue metabolism

November 17,2017  
Host: Naoki Nakayama

Erez S. Lieberman Aiden
Baylor College of Medicine

Presentation title: A 3D Code in the Human Genome

December 1, 2017  
Host: Vihang Narkar

Ondine Cleaver
UT Southwestern

Presentation title: Molecular Control of Vascular Tube Formation

December 8, 2017
Host: Vihang Narkar

Erin Reineke
Houston Methodist Research Institute

Presentation title: Coupling Stress-Induced Cardiomyocyte and Endothelial Cell Signaling through Transcriptional Control


December 15, 2017  
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Peter Tontonoz
University of California, Los Angeles

Presentation title: Nuclear Receptors and Lipid Metabolism

January 5, 2018  
Host: Wenliang Li

Alea Mills
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Presentation title: Epigenetic Vulnerabilities of Human Cancer

January 12, 2018  
Host: Jim Liu

Michelle Markin
University of California, San Francisco

Presentation title: Tackling Challenging Targets for Drug Discovery, a Biophysical Perspective

January 19, 2018  
Host: Ali Azhdarinia 

Jason Lewis

Presentation title: Molecular Imaging for the Improved Visualization and Treatment of Cancer

January 26, 2018  
Host: Rick Wetsel

Peter Westenskow
Baylor College of Medicine

Presentation title: Neurovascular Interactions and Retinal Degeneration

February 2, 2018  
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Clay Semenkovich
Washington University

Presentation title: Lipogenesis and Chronic Metabolic Disease

February 9, 2018  
Host: Sheng Zhang

Xiao-Jiang Li
Emory University

Presentation title: Huntington Disease Mice and CRISPR-mediated Treatment

February 16, 2018  
Host: Rick Wetsel

Joerg Koehl
University of Lübeck

Presentation title: The Complement C5a/C5aR1 Axis a Target in Inflammatory Diseases

February 28, 2018  
Host: Wenliang Li

Zhenghe Wang
Case Western Reserve University

Presentation title: Targeting Glutamine Addiction of PIK3CA Mutant Colon Cancer

March 9, 2018  
Host: Sheng Zhang

Marco Sardiello
Baylor College of Medicine

Presentation title: Modulation of Lysosomal Function in Health and Disease

March 16, 2018
Host: Xiaodong Cheng

Alan Fields
Mayo Clinic

Presentation title: Protein Kinase Cι: A Multi-lineage oncogene in the lung

March 23, 2018
Host: Sheng Zhang

Jay Hirsh
University of Virgina

Presentation title: Flies Doing Rather Well without Brain Dopamine

April 6, 2018
Host: Qingchun Tong

Sabrina Diano
Yale University

Presentation title: Mitochondrial Dynamics in Metabolism Regulation


April 13, 2018  
Host: Rick Wetsel

Claudia Kemper

Presentation title: Unexpected Non-Canonical Roles of Complement in Cell Physiology

April 20, 2018
Host: Zhiqiang An

Zhijian Chen
UT Southwestern

Presentation title: TBA

April 27, 2018  
Host: Kristin Eckel-Mahan

Allison Xu
University of California, San Francisco

Presentation: Hypothalamic Regulation of Metabolic Efficiency

May 4, 2018
Host: Radbod Darabi

Fabio Rossi
University of British Columbia

Presentation: Pathogenic Roles of Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle Stromal Progenitors

May 11, 2018  
Host: Ali J. Marian

Hossein Ardehali
Northwestern University

Presentation: Role of Iron and Novel Metabolic Processes in Cardiovascular Disease

May 18, 2018  
Host: Naoki Nakayama

Farshid Guilak
Washington University in St. Louis

Presentation: Engineering New Biologic Therapies for Arthritis

May 25, 2018  
Host: TBA

Wenliang Li

Presentation: New Stressed Dogs in Town: BARKing 2 metastasis and novel EMT kinases

Questions regarding The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine's Seminar Series can be directed to either:

Nami McCarty Phone: 1-713-500-2495 or email

Vihang Narkar  Phone: 1-713-500-3585 or email