IMM Seminars

Unless otherwise specified, all seminars will be held at 11 AM in the Beth Robertson Auditorium at IMM (1825 Pressler, Room 104).



September 2, 2022
Host: Sheng Pan

Benjamin A. Garcia
Washington University in St. Louis

Presentation title:  Quantitative Proteomics for Understanding Epigenetic Mechanisms

September 16, 2022
Host: Kendra Carmon

Sunil Krishnan
UTHealth Houston

Presentation title:  Widening the Therapeutic Index of Radiation Therapy for Cancer Using Nanomaterials, Targeted Therapies, Immunotherapy, and Novel Radiation Modalities

September 30, 2022
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Andrew Pickering
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Presentation title:  Proteostatic Regulation: a key driver of aging and longevity

October 7, 2022
Host: Zhiqiang An

Jason McLellan
The University of Texas at Austin

Presentation title:  Development of Vaccine Antigens and Monoclonal Antibodies for Human Metapneumovirus

October 14, 2022
Host: Vihang Narkar

Atsushi Asakura
University of Minnesota Medical School

Presentation title:  Vascular Niche for Muscle Stem Cells, Muscle Regeneration, and Muscular Dystrophy

October 21, 2022
Host: Xiaodong Cheng

Lee Graves
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Presentation title:  Affinity Approaches to Discover Novel Pharmacological Agents for the Treatment of Cancer

October 28, 2022
Host: Kristin Mahan

Steve Kay
University of Southern California

Presentation title:  Targeting Circadian Clock Proteins in Cancer

November 4, 2022
Host: Kai Sun

Rana Gupta
Duke University

Presentation title:  Sex and Depot Specific Mechanisms Controlling Adipocyte Differentiation in Obesity

November 11, 2022
Host: Ali Azhdarinia

Philip Low
Purdue University

Presentation title:  A New Generation of Targeted Therapies for Cancer

November 18, 2022
Host: Wenliang Li

Peter Nelson
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Presentation title:  Anticipating and Targeting the Emergence of New Cancer 'Species' under Treatment Pressure

December 16, 2022
Host: Momoko Yoshimoto

Brian Rudd
Cornell University

Presentation title:  TBA

January 20, 2023
Host: Alex Ge

Ru-Rong Ji
Duke University

Presentation title:  TBA

January 27, 2023
Host: Vihang Narkar/Kristin Mahan

Karyn Esser
University of Florida

Presentation title: TBA

February 3, 2023
Host: Xuelian Huang

Darrell Kotton
Boston University

Presentation title: TBA

February 17, 2023 
Host: Mikhail Kolonin


Marco Demaria
University Medical Center Groningen

Presentation title:  TBA

February 24, 2023
Host: Peter Doris

Corey Watson
University of Louisville

Presentation title:  TBA

March 3, 2023
Host: Nami McCarty

Maria Diaz-Meco
Weill Cornell Medicine

Presentation title:  TBA

March 10, 2023
Host: Radbod Darabi

Jeffrey Chamberlain
University of Washington School of Medicine

Presentation title:  TBA

April 21, 2023
Host: Sheng Pan

Lian Li
Emory University

Presentation title:  TBA

April 28, 2023
Host: AJ Marian

Nikolas G. Frangogiannis
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Presentation title:  TBA

May 5, 2023
Host: Kendra Carmon

Jae-Il Park
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Presentation title:  TBA

May 12, 2023
Host: Kendra Carmon

Linda Resar
John Hopkins University School of Medicine

Presentation title: TBA

May 19, 2023
Host: Nicholas Justice

Damian Zuloaga
University of Albany

Presentation title:  TBA

May 26, 2023
Host: Qingchun Tong

Matthew Hayes
University of Pennsylvania

Presentation title:  TBA

Questions regarding The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine's Seminar Series can be directed to both: 

Kendra Carmon Phone: 1-713-500-3390 or email

Ali Azhdarinia  Phone: 1-713-500-3577 or email