IMM Seminars

Unless otherwise specified, all seminars will be held at 11 AM in the Beth Robertson Auditorium at IMM (1825 Pressler, Room 104).



September 3, 2021
Host: Zhiqiang An

Xin Ge
UTHealth IMM

Presentation title:  Protease Inhibitory mAbs - Discovery Engineering and Evaluation

September 24, 2021
Host: Momoko Yoshimoto

Takanori Takebe
Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Presentation title:  Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Organogenesis in a Dish

October 1, 2021
Host: Vihang Narkar

Zhen Yan
University of Virginia

Presentation title:  Exercise-induced Adaptation in Health and Disease Prevention

October 22, 2021
Host: Kai Sun

Scott Summers
University of Utah

Presentation title:  Ceramide and the Two Phases of Lipotoxicity

October 29, 2021
Host: Kristin Mahan

Gad Asher
Weizmann Institute of Science

Presentation title:  Organization and Specificity of the Peripheral Circadian Clock System

November 12, 2021
Host: Brian Davis

Pietro Genovese
Boston Children's Hospital/Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Presentation title:  Advanced Genetic Engineering of Hematopoiesis for the Treatment of Inherited Diseases

November 19, 2021
Host: Wenliang Li

Guocan Wang
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Presentation title:  Transcriptional and Epigenetic Dysregulations in Prostate Cancer Progression

December 3, 2021
Host: Ningyan Zhang

Kyuson Yun
Houston Methodist

Presentation title:  Regulation of Cancer Stem Cells, Metastasis and Immune Suppression by S100A4

December 17, 2021
Host: Sheng Zhang

Jun-yuan Ji
Tulane University

Presentation title: Role of Wnt Signaling in Regulating Lipid Homeostasis in Drosophila

January 14, 2022 
Host: Priyatansh Gurha

Bernhard Kuhn
UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Presentation title:  Harnessing Regenerative Mechanisms for Treating Congenital Heart Disease

January 28, 2022
Host: Kristin Mahan

Mary Teruel
Cornell University

Presentation title: Linking the cell cycle, circadian clock, and fat cell differentiation

February 11, 2022 
Host: Brian Davis


Harry Malech

Presentation title:  Update on Lentivector Gene Therapy for Older Children and Young Adults with X-linked Severe Combined Immune Deficiency

February 18, 2022 
Host: Qingchun Tong


Javier Eduardo Stern
Georgia State University

Presentation title:  Two Photon Imaging of the Hypothalamus in vivo Unveils a Unique Form of Salt-evoked Neurovascular Coupling

March 4, 2022
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Dimitris Anastassiou
Columbia University

Presentation title:  The COL11A1-expressing Cancer-associated Fibroblasts (aCAFs) and the Related Contribution of Adipose Tissue to Metastatic Progression

March 11, 2022
Host: Radbod Darabi

Alessandra Sacco
Sanford Burnham Prebys Discovery

Presentation title:  Dynamics of Muscle Stem Cells in Tissue Growth and Repair

March 18, 2022
Host: Zhiqiang An

Mitchell Ho

Presentation title:  Glypicans as Solid Tumor Targets for CAR T Cell Therapy

March 25, 2022
Host: Kristin Mahan

Selma Masri
University of California, Irvine

Presentation title:  New Links between the Circadian Clock, Metabolism, and Cancer

April 1, 2022
Host: Mikhail Kolonin



Peter Carmeliet
University of Leuven

Presentation title:  Angiogenesis Revisited: Role of endothelial metabolism & heterogeneity

April 8, 2022
Host: Rick Wetsel


Michael Carroll
Harvard University

Presentation title:  Complement C4 as a Risk Factor in Lupus and Schizophrenia

April 29, 2022
Host: Wenliang Li

Allen Gao
University of California, Davis

Presentation title:  Overcoming Resistance Mechanisms of AR-targeted Therapy

May 6, 2022
Host: Kendra Carmon

Karl Willert
University of California, San Diego

Presentation title:  Targeting WNT-FZD Signaling in Development and Cancer

May 13, 2022
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Judith Varner
University of California, San Diego

Presentation title: Targeting Myeloid Cells to Promote Cancer Immunity

May 20, 2022
Host: Wenliang Li

Zhaohui Feng

Presentation title:  TBA

May 27, 2022
Host: Vihang Narkar

Ashok Kumar
University of Houston

Presentation title:  TBA

Questions regarding The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine's Seminar Series can be directed to both: 

Kendra Carmon Phone: 1-713-500-3390 or email

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