Flow Cytometry

Flow_Cytometry_BDFCSARIAII_FC2The Brown Foundation Institute for Molecular Medicine (IMM) Flow Cytometry Service Center is located on the sixth floor of the Fayez S. Sarofim Research Building (SRB 617) and maintains two instruments available to the public, a BD FACSAria II and a BD FACSCalibur. A third instrument, BD LSRFortessa is located in the Medical School Expansion building (MSE R303).  These specialized instruments allow researchers to evaluate a large number of samples at the cellular level in a short time frame. The Flow Cytometry Service Center is committed to the continuing development of biological research and provides training, instrumentation, technical expertise, data analysis and interpretation for many IBC approved studies.


The BD FACSCalibur provides user-friendly multicolor analysis capabilities. It is a six parameter instrument equipped with 488nm and 635nm lasers, capable of detecting up to four fluorescent signals.

The BD LSRFortessa is a 15 parameter cell analyzer equipped with 5 lasers (Violet 405nm, BlueViolet 445nm, Blue 488nm, YellowGreen 552nm and Red 640nm), capable of detecting up to 13 fluorescent signals.

The BD FACSAriaII is a state-of-the-art 19 parameter instrument equipped with six fiber-optic-linked solid-state lasers, a 355nm UV laser, a 488nm Blue laser, a 561nm Yellow-Green laser, a 640nm Red laser, a 405nm Violet laser, and a highly specialized 785nm Near-InfraRed laser, capable of detecting up to 17 fluorescent signals. The AriaII can perform two and four way bulk sorting for a variety of tube sizes as well as automatic cell deposition for single cell sorting into multiwell plates or onto microscope slides.

Rates for UTHealth Investigators 

Calibur (up to 4 color analysis) $40 /hour
Fortessa $40 /hour
Aria II (unassisted) $100 /hour
Aria II (assisted) $125 /hour

Services are also available to users outside of UTHealth. Please contact the facility manager for pricing information.

To schedule flow cytometry services, please use the iLab  portal at https://uthealth.corefacilities.org/.


Room 617
Sarofim Research Building
1825 Pressler St.
Houston, Texas 77030

Hours of Operation:

9am-5pm Monday through Friday
(with holiday exceptions)


Ville Meretoja, Ph.D.
Facility Manager/Sr. Research Associate
Email: Ville.Meretoja@uth.tmc.edu 
Phone: 713-500-2486

Helpful Links-Experiment Setup:

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Biolegend Spectra Analyzer


Affymetrix/eBioscience Flow Cytometry Protocols


BioRad Flow Cytometry Protocols


Helpful Links-Data Analysis:

Kaluza (free trial) http://www.beckman.com/coulter-flow-cytometry/software/kaluza-analysis-software

FlowJo (free trial) https://www.flowjo.com/solutions/flowjo

Flowing (freeware) http://www.uskonaskel.fi/flowingsoftware/

Cytobank (freeware, cloud-based) https://www.cytobank.org/index.html