Flow Cytometry Services

Our website has moved to https://med.uth.edu/imm/service-centers/flow-cytometry-services/

About Us

UTHealth Flow Cytometry Service Center provides training, instrumentation and data analysis software to support your single cell analysis and sorting needs. We aim to use our technical and scientific expertise to help you achieve your research goals.

We currently have three flow cytometers and one cell sorter available to our customers in two separate locations. One analyzer and one cell sorter are located in our main facility at the Brown Foundation Institute for Molecular Medicine (IMM). This location provides full services, including assisted instrument usage. Our two other analyzers are located at the McGovern Medical School and are primarily reserved for unassisted operation by established users who have received instrument specific training. Both locations have additional workstations for post-acquisition data analysis.

Our Services

  • Assisted and unassisted data acquisition
  • Assisted and unassisted cell sorting
  • Sorting for single cell deposition (e.g. 96 well plate)
  • Post-acquisition data analysis (FlowJo, Diva, Kaluza)
  • Experimental design assistance including panel design, controls, etc.
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Training to become an unassisted user

We are happy to provide our services to all investigators, including industry customers.

Main location at IMM:

Room 617
Sarofim Research Building
1825 Pressler Street
Houston, Texas 77030

Hours of operation:

9am - 5pm Monday through Friday
(with holiday exceptions)


Ville Meretoja, Ph.D.
Facility Manager/Research Scientist
Email: Ville.Meretoja@uth.tmc.edu
Phone: 713-500-2486