Instrument Reservations

Please leave a minimum of 30 minutes gap between instrument reservations and follow the updated safety guidelines when using our facilities.

Reserving Instrument Time

Appointments for instrument use are available to all users on a first-come, first-served basis. Assisted instrument usage is offered during regular office hours; unassisted users can have access to the equipment also at night and on weekends. All instrument reservations are handled through the iLab portal at First time customers and people without iLab access please send reservation requests to the Facility Manager by email detailing your planned experiments.

iLab Instructions

  1. Login to iLab using your institutional credentials
  2. Choose your desired instrument under the ‘Schedule Equipment’ tab
  3. Click and drag the approximate available time slot you want to reserve in the calendar. Complete the reservation form with all pertinent details (including use type, funding source and any additional info), then click ‘Save reservation’.
    • For assisted usage, A) always send an email prior to making your reservation in the iLab to verify availability of technical assistance at the desired time, and B) also include the linked technician schedule in your final iLab reservation

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