The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine for the Prevention of Human Diseases

Molecular Diagnostic (aka Proteopath Clinical Laboratory)

Proteopath Clinical Laboratory is a CLIA certified clinical laboratory now offering Vitamin D as well as TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) assays.  A product of the University of Texas Health Science Center, Proteopath adheres to the mission and vision of UTHSC by using GLP and CLIA certification to insure that your patient as well as your research receives the highest quality processes a laboratory can provide.  Whether you care for patients or you are involved in pre-clinical or clinical trials, increasing FDA guidance for labeling in vitro diagnostic devices requiring clinical validation or clinical trials has created a need for more CLIA certified laboratories.

Proteopath has anticipated the need for a CLIA certified laboratory with experience in clinical as well as research testing required to support clinical, diagnostic and R & D projects.

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Molecular Diagnostics & CLIA Laboratory
Molecular Diagnostics Rates (Revised 2/22/13)


Clinical Testing



KRAS & BREAF Mutational Anal: Colon Cancer

$             363.39

$            760.67

BRAF Mutational Analysis for Melanoma

$               97.51

$             258.06

BRAF for Thyroid Cancer

$               97.51

$            258.06


$             265.88

$            502.61

Vitamin D. Testing Via Mass Spectrometry

$              75.00

$              90.00

LC - MS Detection for Small Molecules (including Therapeutic Drug Monitoring)
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Research Testing



MesoScale Discovery Clinical Cytokine Assays/Sample

$               55.00

$              68.00

MesoScale Discovery PhosphoProteomics Assays/Sample

$               58.00

$              72.00

MesoScale Discovery 6000 Human Total tau Assays/Sample

$               60.00

$              72.00

MesoScale Discovery 6000 Human AB42 Assays/Sample               

$               55.00

$              65.00

Luminex Molecular Profiling Cytokine Assays     

$               56.00

$              70.00

Luminex Molecular Profiling PhosphoProteomics Assays               

$               64.00

$              82.00

LC - MS Detection for Small Molecules (including Therapeutic Drug Monitoring)
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Laser Micro Dissection



LMD Microscope: Assisted (per hour)     

$               60.00

$              90.00

LMD Microscope: Unassisted (per hour)     

$               20.00

$              30.00

LMD + Fluorescence Microscope: Assisted (per hour)     

$               70.00

$              100.00

LMD + Fluorescence Microscope: Unassisted (per hour)     

$               30.00

$              40.00

* External Clinical Rates are List; Internal are based on Medicare

External Customers (non-UTHealth) should contact:

Dr. Hongyu Wang, MD, PhD -  Co-Director
Phone: 713.500-3404

For Scheduling or questions, please contact:
Nataliya Bulayeva, MD, PhD - Co-Director
Phone: 713-500-3428 or 713-500-2457

For questions regarding billing, please contact:

J. Scott Riley - Senior Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 713-500-3672