Compact with Texans

This Compact with Texans is provided in accordance with Senate Bill 1563, 76th Texas Legislature. The Compact for The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) is a commitment between the institution and the citizens of Texas to provide assurance that our primary customers, students, patients, and members of the greater Houston community are assured of a timely and appropriate response to questions or concerns.

UTHealth is committed to excellence in all its primary mission areas: The goals in our mission statement describe how we seek to improve the health of the citizens of Texas:

  • In education we will instill in our students, faculty, and staff the commitment to lifelong learning, while empowering them to understand and to meet the evolving health needs of all segments of our society.
  • In research we will continue to create and evaluate new knowledge, particularly as it relates to the cause, prevention, and treatment of disease, and to the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health.
  • In patient care we will strive to provide appropriate, effective, and compassionate care that is accessible, affordable, and culturally sensitive-and that in all these qualities will serve as a model for others in Texas and across the nation.

UTHealth promotes high standards of service to all its customers: students, prospective students, health care professionals and institutions, other governmental entities, health care consumers, philanthropic and foundation supporters, suppliers and members of the greater Houston and Texas community.

Categories of customers and specific services are noted below and linked to a table which should assist you in determining the appropriate initial contact for a question or concern that might arise. For questions of a general nature and for those questions not addressed below, please contact the UTHealth Office of Office of Public Affairs, Suite 1200 UCT, 7000 Fannin P.O. Box 20036, Houston, TX 77225-0036 or telephone 713-500-4HSC.

UTHealth believes that in most cases complaints and other concerns from students, patients and others should be handled within no more than two to three business days. Certain issues may require a shorter or longer turn-around time for resolution, depending upon the severity and urgency of the issue. Responses may be provided by letter, electronic message, telephone call, or personal interview.

Students and Prospective Students

Do you have a complaint or question about? Please refer to the following contacts/departments:

Applying and Registering at UTHealth

Academic Advising UTHealth Schools

Academic Programs offered Office of the Registrar

Accommodations for students with disabilities HOOP Policy 53

Admission requirements Office of the Registrar

Application Forms Office of the Registrar

Application Processes Office of the Registrar

Billing Procedures Office of the Registrar

Degree Requirements UTHealth Schools

Financial Aid Student Financial Services

Orientations Calendar of Events

Permanent Residents Office of International Affairs

Registration Instructions Office of the Registrar

Registration Procedures Office of the Registrar

Student Housing UT Housing

Tuition and Fees Office of the Registrar

Student Life at UTHealth

Computer Labs UTHealth Schools

Conduct & Discipline HOOP Policy 186

E-mail Accounts UTHealth Schools

Facilities Facilities, Planning and Engineering

Fair treatment UTHealth Schools

Graduation Requirements UTHealth Schools

Grievance Procedures Internet Access HOOP Policy 123

Library Facilities and Services Texas Health Science Libraries Consortium

Parking Auxiliary Enterprises and Texas Medical Center

Procedures for appealing grades UTHealth Schools

Safety and Security on campus UT Police

Student Counseling UT Counseling & WorkLife Services

Student Government Student InterCouncil

Student Health Services Student Health Clinic

Student Records Office of the Registrar

Teaching Evaluations UTHealth Schools

University Policies on People with Disabilities HOOP Policy 101

University and Student Services Auxiliary Enterprises

If you do not receive the service you expect, have a complaint, or want to appeal a decision, you should e-mail, write, call, or fax the Provost & Executive Vice President of Research, Dr. Peter J. Davies.

phone: 713-500-9880 

mail: Dr. George Stancel, Executive Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs  
7000 Fannin, Suite 1565
Houston, Tx 77030


For complaints or questions from vendors, please contact Procurement.

Community Members

Do you have a complaint or question about something? Please contact the following representatives:

Access to information about the University's programs and services
Office of Public Affairs

Effective relationships with the University's individual, corporate, agency, and government partners and alumni
Office of Public Affairs

Efficient, accurate, and prompt business and financial transactions
Kevin Dillon, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Solicitation and use of facilities
Charlie Figari, Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Enterprise