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Injuries / Illnesses

On-the-job Injuries and Illness

If a UTHealth employee incurs an injury/illness that appears to be life-threatening, the person reporting the incident should immediately contact The University of Texas Police Department (UTPD) at 713-792-2890 and provide the dispatcher with:

his or her name;
his or her location;
name of the injured/ill person;
type of the injury/illness, if known;
special directions regarding the situation

Unless otherwise requested or indicated, the injured/ill employee should be transported by ambulance to the appropriate health care facility.

If the incident specifically involves an injury to a UTHealth employee, the employee's supervisor must prepare a Supervisor's First Report of Injury form as soon as possible.

If a UTHealth employee experiences symptoms of a non-life threatening illness, the name of the employee's personal physician should be obtained, then that physician should be contacted for directions on how to deal with the situation. If the ill employee has no personal physician, the employee may be directed to UT Health Services (713-500-3267) or to an emergency treatment center.

For more detailed information regarding Medical Emergencies, Minor Injuries/Illnesses, refer to The Handbook of Operating Procedures - Chapter 18, Safety and Health or the Environmental Health & Safety Office Web site.

HCPC employees should contact their supervisor who will prepare a Supervisor’s First Report of Injury form for any job Injury/Illness at UTHealth Harris County Psychiatric Center. Any questions may be directed to the HCPC Safety Office at 713-741-7880 or Legal Affairs and Risk Management at 713-500-3268.

University of Texas Police DIAL '911' or 713-500-4HCS (4472)
Fire DIAL '911' or 713-500-4HCS (4472)
Radioactive Spills
(During Normal Work Hours - Mon.-Fri.)
Chemical/Biological Spills (24 hours) 713-500-8100 or 713-500-5832

Source: Environmental Health & Safety

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