Telephone Directory - Index of Services

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Accounts Receivable Bursar Office (HSC)
Admissions (Students) Registrar (HSC)
Affiliation Agreements Academic Affairs (HSC)
Affiliation Agreements - International International Programs (HSC)
Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity and Diversity (HSC)
Animal Care Laboratory Animal Medicine (HSC)
Annual Campaign Office of Development (HSC)
Biohazards Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Biosafety Committee Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Bomb Threats DIAL 911 (Police Emergency Help Line)
Building Services Facilities Planning & Engineering (HSC)
Calling Cards Telecommunications Services (HSC)
Campus Development Facilities Planning & Engineering (HSC)
Catalogs Registrar (HSC)
Cellular Telephones Telecommunications Services (HSC)
Chemical Spills Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Chemical and Biological Safety Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Chemical Safety Committee Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Chief Academic Officer Academic Affairs (HSC)
Chief Financial Officer Financial & Business Affairs (HSC)
Chief Information Officer Information Technology
Chief Research Officer Office of Research (HSC)
Classroom Reservations Conference Operations (MS)
Clinical Research Center General Clinical Research Center (MS)
Communications Public Affairs (HSC)
Computer, Training Information Technology (HSC)
Construction Services Remodeling Services (HSC)
Continuing Education See listings in each school.
Contracts, Legal Review Legal Affairs
CORE Research Services (HSC)
Counseling (Employees) Employee Assistance Program (HSC)
Counseling (Students) UT Counseling & WorkLife Services(HSC)
Credit Union PrimeWay Federal Credit Union
Design Services Remodeling Services (HSC)
Disability Accommodation Equal Opportunity and Diversity (HSC)
Discrimination Complaints Equal Opportunity and Diversity (HSC)
Electronic Mail Information Technology (HSC)
Emergencies DIAL 911 (Police Emergency Help Line)
Employee Assistance Programs Employee Assistance Program (HSC)
Employee Health UT Health Services (SON)
Employment Human Resources (HSC)
Endowments Office of Development (HSC)
Enrollment (Students) Registrar (HSC)
Equipment Information Capital Assets Management (HSC)
Ethical Standards Legal Affairs
Event Planning Public Affairs (HSC)
Executive Council Office of the President (HSC)
Financial Aid Student Financial Aid (HSC)
Financial Information Financial & Business Affairs (HSC)
Fire DIAL 911 (Police Emergency Help Line)
Fund Raising Office of Development (HSC)
Gifts to the University Office of Development (HSC)
Graphic Standards Public Affairs (HSC)
Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOOP) Human Resources (HSC)
Hazardous Waste Disposal Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Health Leader Public Affairs (HSC)
Health Services-Employees Healthcare UT Health Services (SON)
Holidays Human Resources (HSC)
Housekeeping Facilities, Planning and Engineering
Human Resources Human Resources (HSC)
Human Subjects Committee Research Support Committees (HSC)
Hurricane Preparedness Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Immigration Information International Affairs(HSC)
Infectious Wastes Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Injuries On the Job Risk Management & Insurance (HSC)
Insurance Benefits (HSC)
Interagency Contracts Financial & Business Affairs (HSC)
Interfaculty Council Academic Affairs (HSC)
Internal Audits Office of Auditing and Advisory Services (HSC)
International Programs/Activities International Programs (HSC)
Internet Access, Support Information Technology (HSC)
Inventory Capital Assets Management (HSC)
Invoices Procurement (HSC)
Legal Matters Legal Affairs
Locksmith Services Remodeling Services (HSC)
Long Distance Authorization Codes Telecommunications Services (HSC)
Media Relations Public Affairs (HSC)
Medical Practice Plan UT Physicians
Mental Sciences Institute Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences (MS)
Minority Affairs Office of Diversity (HSC)
News on the Go Public Affairs (HSC)
Newsletters Public Affairs (HSC)
Non-emergencies Police Non-Emergency line: 713-792-2890
Office/Medical Supplies Procurement (HSC)
Patents Office of Technology Management (HSC)
Paychecks Payroll (HSC)
Personnel Actions (PA’s) System Data Resources (HSC)
Personnel Office Human Resources (HSC)
Physical Plant Facilities Planning & Engineering (HSC)
Physicians UT Physicians
Police, non-emergencies Police Non-Emergency line: 713-792-2890
Privacy Office Legal Affairs
Public Relations Public Affairs (HSC)
Purchasing Procurement (HSC)
Radiation Exposure Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Radiation Safety Committee Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Radioactive Drug Committee Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Radioactive Waste Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Recycling Facilities Planning & Engineering (HSC)
Retirement Benefits (HSC)
Risk Management Legal Affairs & Institutional Compliance (HSC)
Safety Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Salaries Human Resources (HSC)
Sale of Equipment Capital Assets Management (HSC)
Shipping and Receiving Procurement (HSC)
Speakers Bureau Public Affairs (HSC)
Standards of Conduct Legal Affairs & Institutional Compliance (HSC)
Standing Committees Office of the President (HSC)
Student Employment Human Resources (HSC)
Student Government Academic Affairs (HSC)
Student Information Registrar (HSC)
Student Insurance Auxiliary Enterprises (HSC)
Student Organizations Academic Affairs (HSC)
Subpoenas Legal Affairs & Institutional Compliance (HSC)
Surplus Equipment Warehouse Capital Assets Management (HSC)
Telephone Moves, Adds, Changes Telecommunications Services (HSC)
Telephone Repair Telecommunications Services (HSC)
Television Broadcast UT Television (MDA)
Television Production UT Television (MDA)
Tenure and Promotion Academic Affairs (HSC)
Travel Planning University Travel (HSC)
Travel Reimbursement Employee Reimbursement (HSC)
Tuition Information Registrar (HSC)
University Councils Office of the President
Visa Processing International Affairs (HSC)
Workers' Compensation Injuries Risk Management & Insurance (HSC)



HSC - Health Science Center
MDA - U.T.M.D. Anderson
MS - Medical School
SON - School of Nursing

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