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Innovation, Collaboration & Commercialization Seminars

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Contemporary Discovery Research Strategies
Academic-Industry Collaboration

9:30 am – 10:30 am, February 3, 2016
MSB 2.135
Presented by:
Donald J. Kyle, Ph.D.
Vice President, Discovery Research & Non-Clinical Sciences
Purdue Pharma LP

The goal of pharmaceutical research is to produce drug candidates that are suitable for human testing and to do it in such a way as to minimize risk of failure in development in order to ultimately produce a commercial product that benefits patients. Research groups are charged with the responsibility to advance ideas to INDs, then further to NDAs.  Their approach is to identify plausible mechanisms with disease relevance, and then achieve scientific proof-of-concept with novel molecules.  At the same time they must assure that the drug candidates are further backed-up by extensive data packages that satisfy various FDA requirements for manufacturing, safety and tolerability.  There are a number of organizational and strategic approaches to facilitate this large task, and nearly all rely heavily on inter-disciplinary collaboration and joint teams, stage-gated and time-bound research objectives that govern resource allocation, and a hybrid research environment that combines internal and external resources.  With recent finance-driven strategy changes in the pharmaceutical industry, there is growing interest in enhancing the percentage of time and money spent locating, evaluating, and licensing the innovations that originate in academia.  In some cases, these strategies coincide with down-sizing of internal research capability which has created a forum for academic and industrial scientists to overcome historical cultural differences and instead explore areas of mutual interest and collaboration.  The presentation will be a discussion with examples of these strategies, processes, and virtual research approaches that underpin the current pharmaceutical industry.

Speaker Biography: After obtaining a BS in chemistry from Colorado State University, Dr. Kyle received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry in 1986 from Texas Tech University.  Over the course of his ~30 year tenure in pharma, he assumed increasing responsibilities at various companies including his current position at Purdue Pharma LP as the Vice President of Discovery Research and Non-Clinical Sciences, a position he has held since 2005.  As a researcher, Dr. Kyle has worked in the areas of pain, inflammation, CNS diseases, as well as computation & structural biology.  Throughout his career he has been able to balance management duties with the lifestyle of learning, teaching, and academic research, always staying close to the science.  Currently his lab is focused on ion channels, and signal transduction bias in GPCR agonists.  His scientific accomplishments are reflected in nearly 200 publications, review papers, and book chapters, and his innovations are apparent in 70 issued US patents with claims to a wide range of technology, commercial products, and basic research.  He participates as a reviewer and editorial advisory board member for several peer-reviewed journals, and is a member of the CSLA advisory board at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and has held other joint-faculty appointments over the years.   Dr. Kyle combines his experience in drug development with his research expertise to lead the internal discovery research activities at Purdue, but also scouts for external opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and licensing deals.     

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