Students may enter the United States for the purpose of study on an F-1 visa or a J-1 Visa.  

The F-1 Visa is for students attending a full-time degree or academic program at a school, college or university. The F-1 Visa is valid for as long as it takes the student to finish his or her course of study. An F-1 Visa also allows students to work on campus and in some situations even off campus. 

The J-1 Visa may also be for foreign students who are sponsored directly or indirectly by their home country government or by the U.S. government to attend a degree granting academic program or a non-degree granting course of study that takes no more than 24 months. Students may engage in part time employment and participate in academic training under certain conditions, including good academic standing, approval by the academic dean, and clearance by the OIA International Advisor (Responsible Officer) from the sponsoring program.