Responsibilities Assumed by Guest Sponsor

Contractors and others having legitimate, professional affiliations with the university may be granted "guest" access to university information resources. To be granted "guest" access, an individual must be sponsored by a faculty or administrative and professional (A&P) employee of UTHealth or individuals who have been explicitly designated as sponsors for specific groups. Individuals who are not university employees or university students must be listed in the university directory service as "guests" if they are to have non-public access to any UTHealth information resource.

Sponsor Responsibilities Include:

The business or purpose of UTHealth is defined by its mission, and information resources are to be used in support of those missions. UTHealth Handbook of Operating Procedures, Policy 180 - Acceptable Use of University Information Resources, requires that UTHealth resources be used only for state purposes. This restriction applies to all persons using such resources.

Legitimate affiliations may include but are not limited to: