Identity Verification - Notary Process

Identity Verification: 
Candidates for Guest Accounts Who are Unable to Appear at a UTHealth Identity Verification Center

If a candidate is unable to appear at one of the UTHealth's Identity Verification Centers, he or she must follow the procedure listed below, download the following documents, and sign them before a notary public.

Candidates must view the Guest Information Security Awareness Training, and attest to viewing the training on the Information Resources User Acknowledgment Form (listed above). If the guest is also a contractor, they must also have read the Contractor Confidentiality Agreement Form thoroughly, agree to all of its terms, and sign it before a notary public.

Once the "Network Access Identity Verification Form" has been notarized by the notary public, and for faster service, all applicable forms can be e-mailed to


Otherwise, you can send a hard copy of the forms to the following address.

RA Coordinator
Information Technology
UCT 1100 
7000 Fannin St.
Houston, TX 77030