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How do I access UTHealth on iTunesU?

First, make sure you have iTunes installed. This is a free application.

Then browse to and click on the "Open UTHealth on iTunesU" button.

Since iTunesU exists within the iTunes application, *your browser must be instructed to launch iTunes and open the correct URL for UTHealth content.

iTunesU doesn't launch when I click on the "Open UTHealth on iTunesU" button. What should I do?

First, make sure you have iTunes installed. This is a free application.

If you're using Firefox, sometimes the browser forgets how to handle iTunes links. Try the following:

Launch Firefox
In the URL location box type about:config" and tap the return key.
You will get a long list in the "filter" box type items and tap the return key.
The list will be left with 1-2 things control/click OR right click on each item and choose RESET
Quit Firefox

Next, launch Firefox again and type the following in the URL "location box." itmss://
Hit return. A drop down menu should appear. Check the box for "Remember my choice for all links of this type" and click on "Launch Application." iTunes will/should launch.

I want to distribute a URL to something specific in iTunesU. Can I link directly to this content?

Yes. Everything in iTunesU (Welcome Pages, courses, shows, tracks, tabs) has its own URL. Just right-click (Mac users control-click) on any item you want to link to, and you will see a menu that says "Copy iTunes Store URL". Once you copy the URL you can paste it into an email, Word document, Web page, etc.

I'm trying to view an [enhanced podcast/large video file] on iTunesU. Why can't I see all the slides when I double-click on some tracks?

Double-clicking on tracks in iTunesU opens a preview of that track. Usually this works ok for audio or short video files because your computer can grab enough of the file to start playing properly. But with enhanced podcasts (mp3 files that contain synchronized slides or pictures) or large video files, the entire file needs to be downloaded first. If you Subscribe or Get Track and wait for the file to download, it should play without any problems.

Can I edit my meta-data once my file has been uploaded into iTunesU?

Once your file has been uploaded into iTunesU you can NOT edit your meta-data. You must edit your meta-data before you upload your file.