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Please accept our request for public information regarding food, beverage, and disposable items purchased on bid for The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Auxiliary Enterprises.

I respectfully request a copy of the Original Bid Solicitation, and Bid Recap, for your prime vendor, broad-line distributor contract. Timeframe needed: Your most recently awarded contract term for your primary vendor food bid. The main documents we are looking for are as highlighted above and more specifically defined as:

  • The original bid solicitation (published by the university): RFP, ITB, IFB, RFQ, RFB, etc., (whichever is applicable) which provides in descriptive form, the contract terms, contract period, and the specifications (often contained within a market basket) of items to be quoted.
  • Bid Tabulation, Recap, or Awarded Vendor Response: (Submitted in response to the above).  If a tabulation and / or losing responses are available and covered as public information, please enclose them. If there is no tabulation or losing quotes are not available the winning quote is sufficient. 


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