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Office of Legal Affairs

Open Records Request Detail

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I am requesting copies of the technology transfer agreements that were executed by the UT Health Science Center at Houston during the calendar year of 2013, documentation regarding the royalties or other payments received by the university for those technology transfer agreements. This request includes both license and options agreements for intellectually property owned by or assigned to the UT Health Science Center at Houston. This request is not including material transfer agreements, or licenses whose primary intellectual property is a trademark.

More specifically I am requesting information within each contract or agreement that relates to:

  • a description of the technology being licensed or sold,
  • the developmental stage of the technology at the time of the license/agreement,
  • the stage of the IP surrounding the technology at the time of the license/agreement (provisional patents, issued patents, US patents, PCT filings, patents in other countries),
  • patent numbers or patent application numbers,
  • terms of the contract/agreement (including but not limited to royalties, payments other than royalties including but not limited to equity and cash payments, the ownership retained by the university and licensee, and milestones), and
  • the Name of the licensee.


Contract Information