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a list of any and all of the Health Science Center at Houston  Outstanding / Voided Warrant and or Stale-dated checks, which may also be known as Limited Payability Cancellation Reports of refunds and credits (Undeliverable checks); specifically checks for businesses and the undeliverable refund checks for individuals, businesses and vendors that are older than 6 months old and claimable though your office. If possible, please indicate or eliminate any checks that have been or are presently being reissued.  Please limit the list to checks that are outstanding and 6 months old or older and amounts greater than $1500.00.  

I understand form other agencies that certain fields on the report may be confidential so we restrict our request to the check number, check date, amount of the check, agency code or reference number, and payee name and address.  However, if it is simpler and more cost effective to send the entire report, we can work around the extra fields.